Mosbeau Launches All-In-One Facial Products

Mosbeau Philippines just recently launched their newest beauty products – the Mosbeau All-In-One Facial Cream and the Mosbeau All-In-One Soap. This All-In-One beauty product concept puts an end to tedious beauty regimens. This simply stunning facial skin care innovation gives you the benefits of whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, UV protection and peeling.

First in the Philippines

The Mosbeau All-In-One Facial Product Line is the very first of its kind in the Philippines. It is a facial care breakthrough – the result of the perfect combination of the Beautifoam Effect and the Gel type Cream to achieve flawless and fairer skin. It is 100% made in Japan – from clinical research, ingredients, development, manufacturing, and packaging. Its main ingredient is Placental Protein which is proven twice more effective than Glutathione.

What is Placental Protein?

Placental Protein is derived from a mammalian organ that connects the fetus from the uterine. It is a widely used whitening ingredient in Japan because it can stimulate skin cell renewal that enables skin revitalization. Lab tests prove that it is more effective than Glutathione.


Photo Source: Mosbeau Philippines

The Mosbeau All in one set (Mosbeau All in one cream and Mosbeau All in one soap) is only Php 1, 680. If you only want to buy the Mosbeau All in one cream you can buy it at Php 1, 480. The Mosbeau All in one soap is at Php 400.

Product Testing

I’m currently documenting the effect of these products on my skin. Will post a review about its effectiveness here on my blog after a month or two. This time I won’t have any difficulties using it because it’s for external use only, unlike the food supplement that needs to be swallowed.

Mosbeau Placenta White Food Supplement

I received numerous inquiries about the effect of this product on me. Unfortunately, I stopped taking it after 10 days because I can’t swallow it anymore. My younger sister was the one who continue taking it. She’s currently taking the one which is consumable for 15-days. Will ask her for a review and will post it here.

Though I failed to test the product on me, I heard positive reviews from my CBSi pals who are also taking the supplement. Long lasting effect can be achieved if used consistently and in a long period of time.

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6 thoughts on “Mosbeau Launches All-In-One Facial Products

  1. Mosbeau is a very nice product. I have a Japanese friend who highly recommends it, and at Php400 for a soap which can give these skin care innovations, I think it’s very reasonable. And we all know that Japanese people have flawless skins.

  2. I was asked by a friend to use this products and reading the side effects for people change their skin pigments. It leads to cancer. I better off eat my vegetables daily.

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