Join Intel’s “Sing To Win”, An Online Music Video-Making Contest

Do you want to become a star? Do you have confidence in singing, and have basic video editing skills? Then this is your time to shine! Join Intel’s “Sing To Win” Contest and get a chance to win notebook computers powered by 2nd Generation Intel Core processors.

Intel’s “Sing to Win” Online Music Video-Making Contest started last August 8 and will end on December 1, 2011. Participants need to create an original music video using any of the 22-pre-selected OPM songs on the Intel Philippines Sing to Win Facebook page. Contestants are allowed to sing, dance, or perform accompaniment to their chosen song, and develop their films using any film style like flash animation, stop-motion filming, live action and a lot more.

How to Join

To join, participants must register for the contest and upload their videos to the Facebook page on or before December 1. They may submit entries as they like, but are only able to win once. Each music video entry must not exceed 5 minutes, and each participant should be the star of his/her own music video.


Winners will be judged on creative merit and general appeal, as well as technical skill, song rendition and artistic impact. Judging of entries by members of the Intel team will commence on December 7 at the Intel Philippines office, with the awarding ceremony announcing the prize winner to follow on December 16.


The 3 best entries will win notebook computers powered by 2nd Generation Intel Core processors and other goodies from Yamaha and Shure.

As of this writing, the Intel “Sing To Win” Samsung leg is currently picking up potential contestants in their road and mall show in Baguio. Other Interactive Road shows are also currently going nationwide. These road shows are made possible by the participation of Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Asus and Neo. Visit the Intel’s “Sing to Win” Facebook Page for more details.

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9 thoughts on “Join Intel’s “Sing To Win”, An Online Music Video-Making Contest

  1. I’ve made videos but never a music video. Definitely would like to give this a chance, I am not able to find any online music jobs. I am an aspiring music composer. I seek exposure. I wish to work. I have nil experience in film industry but willing to work towards it. Also I wish to do any composition job in music.. even without pay!! People please help me.

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