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Almost everything now is digital. If your business has not built any digital assets on the internet yet, you allow your competitors to get ahead of you.

According to a German database company, Statista, as of July 2020, there were already almost 4.57 billion active internet users. This number encompasses 59% of the global population. If you are still marketing your brick-and-mortar business using traditional means, you miss many opportunities. 

As people all over the globe go online, your business should too. These days are the best time to invest in building your digital assets.

What are these digital assets? 

Any online real estate is a digital asset. For businesses, one of the most critical digital assets is a website. But, a website is not enough if it doesn’t have content.

And this is where Empress Digital comes in.

Get Help on How to Get Started Building Your Digital Assets here.

Empress Digital aims to help small businesses build their digital assets by providing them with high-quality content writing services that don’t compromise their budget.

It is that simple.

Our goal is to provide you with the content you need without sacrificing your limited financial resources.

We currently offer a FREE 7-day social media content for small business owners who want to build brand presence on popular social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest) but do not have the economic resources to hire a social media content team.

Empress Digital also provides a free Business Directory listing, vetted manually, and open to all types of businesses except for those with content prohibited by Google.

Empress Digital keeps its doors open to any possibilities. If you have any suggestions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us here.

About the Empress Digital Community

The Empress Digital Community aims to help content writers and authors showcase their work by giving them a free platform and, at the same time, exposing their work to their target readers. 

At the moment, Empress Digital currently has a total of 33,111 registered subscribers and contributors. 

For those who wanted to contribute their work here at Empress Digital, kindly register here. After that, send an email to admin[@]empressofdrac.com if you wish your user access upgraded to a contributor or author.

About the Proprietor of Empress Digital

Empress Digital

Agnes has more than nine years of experience in producing content online. She has a 4-year-degree in Information Technology and studied two years of Psychology.

She started content writing when she worked for a Canada-based company way back in 2006. Her boss was the one who encouraged her to write using a blog platform. She never thought that that was the beginning of her content writing career journey. Fast-forward to six years from that time; she met a client/boss/mentor who has shaped her digital content career up to the present.

As a Content Writer in the past nine years, Agnes has already worked on more than 55 successful long-term and short-term projects. Some of her content writing works got published in AP News, Business Insider, Yahoo News, Digital Journal, MarketWatch, Globenewswire, and many more.

Connect with Agnes through her social media pages below:

Or, you may contact her directly through email at agnes[@]empressofdrac.com.