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Obama’s Assassination

I’ve been hearing people talking about this for a long time.  I and my father even had a long debate about this because I’m always in the skeptical side when it comes to this prediction thingy.  Everyone knows how famous Nostradamus’ predictions are, and some people tend to take it seriously, which I find very idiotic.  Still, this topic arouses my curiosity because this involves a no nonsense subject, no other than the very first black US president, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II, the mabus, the third antichrist, and etc., as what those bloody online articles accused him of.

Those articles I’m talking about actually based their interpretations from the quatrains of Nostradamus’ predictions.  The following quoted quatrains are their bases of Obama’s Assassination.

Century 2, Quatrain 62
Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

Another quatrain where they based the speculation that Obama is the antichrist.

Century 8, Quatrain 77
The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

Holy cow!  These people who hastily spread craps like this should be reminded that Nostradamus is no God.  He doesn’t know anything about the future and he’s just merely guessing from his not so lucid structure of thinking, wherein some constructs are in extreme deviation when compared to those boring and average many.  What I really mean is, how could people believe this kind of crap when most of his written predictions aren’t validated nor supported yet?  On the other hand, do this people even think of what will really happen if Obama, by any chance, will actually be assassinated?

Obama, the very first black US president, a democrat, a socialist and everything anti republican.  What would happen if he’s assassinated?  Honestly, I really don’t know.  Chaos?  Worldwide crisis?  Well, the world is already in chaos and in crisis.  What difference would it make?  Annihilating someone who is standing in the very opposite spectrum against the elitist lair is very perilous.  It is perilous in a sense that it would trigger uprisings from both extreme sides of the idealist camps.  But, if you will look closely, the probability of an assassination is actually moving toward the positive quadrant.

The US president’s extreme idealist thinking will attract lots of enemies and haters.  Well, to start with, all those US citizens who didn’t vote for him are actually rooting  for his failures and imperfections.  And now that he’s in position, they are too proud and happy to spread the news that their current president is the third antichrist.  I’m actually wondering what would happen if by any chance, Obama is not a black.  Tsk…tsk…tsk…  The countless years of looking down on slaves and those people who used their bare hands and feet to earn a living has actually dominated the minds of the elitists all over the world.

And the bottom line is, I’m not talking anymore of Obama’s assassination, but how the world unfairly treated those people who are working their asses off to serve the high and mighty elitists ones.  I hope and will pray that Mr. Obama could make a difference, being the ultimate symbol of a slave who went beyond the norms to prove to the prideful ones that the discrimination between the masters and slaves is just a part of the world’s history, and only belongs to history books that should be put away in the library and be used as a future reference.

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Why We Love Porn?

Are you aware that the Adult Business is a multi-billion dollar industry? You might be downloading free porn from the net to your pc, but the ultimate truth is millions of people worldwide are stashing cash and credit cards to watch their favorite porn stars and fetishes.

You may hear and see lots of activists and feminists rallying in the streets, condemning pornography and prostitution, but their are millions of mortals out their who are leisurely enjoying the orgasmic entertainment brought by adult materials. And they are not the psychos or maniacs you see on TV or movies, but those ordinary denizens who are basking in the glow of carnal pleasures in their private homes.

Porn will always be there no matter how many demonstrations or rallies are held on the streets against it. And as time passes by, the number of porn companies worldwide is incrementing. And you may ask me why. Well, it’s simple. The higher the demand, the higher the supply. That’s a very simple business logic. This means that a very large percentage of the earth’s population are into pornography. But the sad thing about this is not all porn out there are legal. Illegal pornography has tainted the already tainted reputation of the business. And most porn companies are also struggling to stop this very detrimental part of the industry.

So, why we love porn? I’m referring to we because it’s not only consumers or common people who are benefited by this type of entertainment. According to there are lots of big companies who are making big bucks out of porn juice. These companies are well-known hotel chains like Marriot, Westin, and Hilton. These major hotels, according to PBS are offering in-room X-rated movies delivered to the hotel by one of two major distribution companies, LodgeNet or On Command. Some analysts say these in-room sex movies generate more money for the hotel chains than revenue from the hotels’ mini-bars.

Another mainstream industry that also benefit from porn are the cable and satellite companies. These companies(AT&T – Comcast, General Motors – News Corporation) channel pornography into millions of homes and take approximately 80 percent of the pay-per-view dollar that gets spent by the consumer, according to Bill Asher, president of Vivid Entertainment, which produces adult movies.

And thirdly, is the internet industry. According to PBS, Yahoo has made lots of money selling ads and links to porn websites.

“When Yahoo! first launched, getting a site listed, even a commercial business site, was free,” says Sam Agboola in his 2001 interview with FRONTLINE. He is director of marketing for Danni’s Hard Drive, one of the most popular softcore sites online. “Nowadays it costs $200 to get a website listed unless you’re an adult website, in which case they charge $600.”

Anyways, how about you? Why do you love porn?

N.B. I guess I need a follow up post on this. I really, really love tackling this ish…hehehe(:

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My To-Do List and The Right To Voice Out Opinions

Since May of this year I started to list some crappy stuffs that I should accomplish before the month ends. Here are the stuffs in my to-do-list last June that I’ve done doing…

1. Buy a spilled-proof mug

2. General cleaning in the house

3. Treat Roni Babe at Ice Castle

4.  Buy a new pair of decent shoes

5.  Treat jc_hitomi at Tongs

6.  Finish the anti-parasite campaign with libido boi

7.  Go to Camotes or Bantayan Island! Weeeh!

Wehehehe…congrats to myself that I managed to do all of those.  Check my new To-Do List for July.  Hehehe.  I just listed down again the things I didn’t manage to do last month.  I guess the most difficult is losing weight.  Grrr…

When anger consumes you cont.

I am a bit lazy today so I won’t discuss any further what had happened to our chat.  I’ll just post here a few of mine and some “concern citizens” reponses to his angry post in the local forum I mentioned in my previous entry…So here is my response:

As I read your posts I can tell that you’re ruining the Company’s reputation. And it is such a disgrace because you had only worked there for a month and it’s only you among all the past and present employees who is ranting such craps. If you have personal grudges against the manager don’t make a story like the company is like this and like that. It is very alarming that it’s only YOU who had experienced such “maltreatment”. Have you questioned yourself why your clients were not satisfied with your work? Why your clients were not happy with you? And have you also asked yourself why your Manager acted that way? And what have you done why you earned such reaction?

And here are a few selected response posts from those “concern denizens”:

1. No one has the right to ruin the reputation of the company (any company for that matter) just to purge some twisted grudge. Honestly, I think it’s juvenile and totally unnecessary. Granted that everyone has an opinion to convey, but in my humble opinion, comments that are intended to maim the reputation of a company is just downright bitter- who does that? Vanilla Networks is a great company that cares for its employees.

2. NO INSULTS to you or whatever but here is what I think.

Maybe you did not act properly or you have done some things that made you worthy of such acts by their GM. How can I say so? I think “professional” people will not do things without reasons. I was interviewed by the their GM before and I think he is professional enough.

My point is, try to be professional in dealing with things. If you feel that you are being mistreated, you can file a case for them. Not just post something here and talk behind his (Vanilla Network’s GM) back. Sorry to say this, while I read your post, I said to myself “dapat ra man sad di ay xa dili tarongon kai unprofessional man pod xa.”. Your post is here is so unprofessional frankly speaking. If you think that the GM don’t have the skills to be such or he did not have a good system for their company, then, GO AHEAD and apply for his position. Let’s see what you can do and If you will do better, then I will take back all I have said above.

Just a piece of advise, act professionally. If he had mistreated you, file a case or something. If he had underestimated you and your skills, then move on. Work your way up so you can prove that the GM was wrong about you. Not this way to trying to stab him at the back. Makes you look like your worthy of being treated badly because your not professional enough.

3. I heard about this company from a friend of mine, she said their OM is cool, smart and down-to-earth. Sometimes their OM would approach each of his employees and ask them how they are doing with their support. Sometimes he would crack jokes and help them with their concerns or problems. So, I was really shocked to hear some of these silly accusations from their OM, I trust my friend and she wouldn’t lie to me. If you have some issues with the company, then I would advice you to move on than waste your time ruining the company. I worked before in a prestigious company and they suddenly let me go without any warning at all. My friends told me to sue them, but I told them, why waste my time and my money on them, much better to move on and apply for another job. Later on, I realized that you have to experience some things or situations to be able to grow and know what your faults are. It was also a blessing for me, because I was able learn from that experience and prove to myself that I am a capable person. Don’t be bitter about it, cheer up, do something with your life and move on….

I checked the thread a while ago, and I read some comments from other forum members about the company’s people over-reacting about the guy’s post…Oh, well…What should the people expect?  Someone is throwing garbage to the company you’re working with and you fully know that all he said are not true and are just results of his anger.  YES! Everyone has the right to voice out opinions and the likes but people should be more responsible.  A forum is a public place wherein people who can read your post can hastily make unfair judgements.  It is just normal for the company’s people to defend the reputation of their workplace.  And everyone should be more vigilant with their words because badmouthing someone or anyone in public places can be a ground for a libel suit. You should be well-backed up with evidences before you accuse someone of something.


Empress Of Drac

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My Sister passed the CPA Board Exam

I just received IM messages lately from my sister that she had passed the exam. I feel so glad, happy, grateful and all the positive feelings. And at the same time I wanted to cry. It’s because I’ve seen all the hardships my sister went thru. All the ups and downs and specifically the down moments. The CPA licensure exam is one of the most difficult exam one should take to become a certified accountant. And I am very proud that my sister did it. After all the never ending reviews and burning of candles and all the nosebleeding incidents (yes, she literally had nosebleeds because of studying and reviewing) she had made it. Yes! Yes! Yes! She told me while chatting a while ago that papa cried when she told him that she passed the exam. Well, I know they are tears of joy. Any parents would have reacted the same. And in my heart of hearts I’m so grateful for I know God has answered our prayers. I cannot fully express how happy I am at this very moment. I’m so happy for my sister because I know how much difficulties and hardships she had went thru just to get this far. I’m so proud of her and I never failed every time I encouraged her to never give up. She made it and we are all thankful to God for being always with us thru happy times and especially hard times. To my sister, welcome to the real world. You made it!

With so much love,

Papa, Mama, Ate, Inday Ginamay

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Graveyard in the campus…

After the Manila Pen incident waves of forums and events started to circulate in the school. The incident became a triggering event which causes slight aggressions (not the negative one) among radical organizations. Well, here’s one of the evidence.

All I can say is that, what Trillanes and his comrades did is worthless. Their plans to oust the president and to impose a transitional government will be buried six feet under. Anyways, 2010 is fast approaching. Why can’t they wait for that? I’m really pissed off everytime they use the phrase “for the Filipino people” when asked about their agenda. Aren’t they ashamed to stand in behalf of the people knowing nothing of our true sentiments? Haven’t they came to their senses after that incident? They expected massive uprising after the coup but they saw and heard nothing (that should have snapped them into their senses). The present government though has its flaws and imperfections still manages to run this struggling country fairly well.

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Hmmmn…I’ve known a lot of fraternities here in Cebu, but only one has caught my attention saliently. APO or Alpha Phi Omega is a true paradigm of what a fraternity should be. Unlike other fraternities which gained notoriety due to violence, APO stands with its goals and missions, and that what made the organization a role model in our society. Instead of bragging about high-powered guns and private goons (like what the members of other fraternities are doing), APO has a community service-oriented activities that alleviate the hardships of the common people. This kind of “fraternitism” should be the one that should be practiced by all fraternities. And these fraternities should also train their members in keeping their feet on the ground. (Base from my observations most fraternity members especially those who are into violence are braggarts…). Check more of APO Zeta Omega (ΖΩ) here.

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Local Racism

Hmmn…I’ve read an article a long time ago entitled Racism, Filipino Style” from It is written by a guy named Benigno. The article is quite sarcastic in nature but surprisingly it is mostly true to almost all Filipinos. He rants about Filipinos getting scared of going abroad because of racial discrimination without taking into consideration that we also are getting discriminated in our country by our beloved Filipino fellows by virtue of the way we speak (especially the English language), the color of our skin (this one I hate a lot), the schools we came from (the elite ones are from private schools), and even how tall we are. He indirectly stated that Filipinos are hypocrites because we say we are free from foreign conquerors but the truth is we are like puppies in front of them and we even give them special treatments more than our fellows. We are complaining about foreigners getting hold of our major business industries, but we are actually fascinated with these people that we are like silly beggars in their presence. Lastly, Benigno stated that Filipinos are just good in complaining but they don’t really make any efforts to pursue what they want.

I couldn’t agree more with Benigno’s views and opinions. As an ordinary denizen in this country I was once become a subject to this what we called “Filipino Racism”. We are so conscious of the color of our skins and we always look up to those fairer-skinned mortals. In my very young age I tend to hate myself because of my skin color. How I couldn’t be when all my classmates are teasing and bullying me because of it. I even questioned the unknown why I got a skin like this and why my classmates despise it so much. At an early age, I was harshly segregated from everyone because of that trivial reality. How pathetic I was that time. But well, that is history. I considered it a part of this society’s rotten culture. And I believe that wherever you may be discrimination will always be there and it would be up to you if you will let it degrade your integrity and confidence.

It bothers me a lot how our fellows tend to categorize us when it comes to our English fluency. The ones who speak it well are the elite ones and the others are in the lower class. I always find it easy to speak to foreigners in English rather than talking English to my fellow Filipinos. It is because most of us are like English Professors who tend to evaluate and criticize us in every punctuations, pronunciations and grammars we are using. It is so sad that we are too proud in speaking English but we barely know how to speak our local dialects. It irritates me a lot while commuting in a jeepney with fellow passengers talking in English like drunken assholes (just like telling every passengers that hey, we are elite we speak English). Oh, well that is my point of view or maybe I’m just too short-sighted here. I couldn’t contain myself but laugh at our own silliness. We rally in streets shouting about freedom and despising foreign capitalists, and then, after that we go to McDonalds and drink Coke Float and eat Mac Burgers. Filipinos are funny people I may say. Sometimes what we say contradicts to what we do. That’s why I couldn’t blame Benigno’s claim that we are only good at complaining. Well, it is still great to say that not all Filipinos are like that. Racism will always be there. You couldn’t stop people from labeling you and it’s all up to you how to react on that. Even our president is not spared. Yet, she proves to all that height doesn’t matter. It all boils down to performance. Filipinos are just good in looking at other people’s mistakes, and I’m sure we don’t differ that much from any caucasians or africans out there.

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