Graveyard in the campus…

After the Manila Pen incident waves of forums and events started to circulate in the school. The incident became a triggering event which causes slight aggressions (not the negative one) among radical organizations. Well, here’s one of the evidence.

All I can say is that, what Trillanes and his comrades did is worthless. Their plans to oust the president and to impose a transitional government will be buried six feet under. Anyways, 2010 is fast approaching. Why can’t they wait for that? I’m really pissed off everytime they use the phrase “for the Filipino people” when asked about their agenda. Aren’t they ashamed to stand in behalf of the people knowing nothing of our true sentiments? Haven’t they came to their senses after that incident? They expected massive uprising after the coup but they saw and heard nothing (that should have snapped them into their senses). The present government though has its flaws and imperfections still manages to run this struggling country fairly well.

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  1. I agree that the Trillanes coup attempt was worthless, and his motives are worth questioning. Just because he’s anti-GMA does not make him a “working class hero”.

    At the same time, I disagree that our current government is running our country fairly well. No, they’re not. Even worse, they have lost the trust of CBCP, World Bank, and United Nations. And just two days after the government denies accusation that they’re involved in extra-judicial killings, what did they do? Why, jail the “leftist” journalists, of course.

    They’re just good at paying the media to pay them lip-service (what with that obnoxious “ramdam mo ba ang asenso” commercial – nothing better than to use our tax money to create ego-massaging “promotional” advertisements). Kumbaga, pogi lang sila sa camera. At magaling magsalita. They’re playing the Ronald Reagan BS card all over again.

    In the meantime, where’s the railroad JdV promised to pave? Or the “progress of economy” GMA keeps touting we have?

  2. when I said fairly well I’m actually comparing GMA’s government to the previous regime. As you see it’s not easy to rebuild a government system that’s already in deep shit…no sorry, it’s not the system but the people who’re implementing the system.

  3. Perhaps the dude just simply missed the accommodations of a 5 star hotel so while in the vicinity of Makati, what the heck, why not drop by for some coup-themed conference.

    Seriously, I think we simply have to face it, Philippines as a nation just got so much excess baggage that everytime we try to move to the right direction, we have to shot that right-moving feet in the instance.

    So sad!


    by the way, my blog link on your post may not be active anymore but it’s still up. My new Cubicled Playground link is

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