Hmmmn…I’ve known a lot of fraternities here in Cebu, but only one has caught my attention saliently. APO or Alpha Phi Omega is a true paradigm of what a fraternity should be. Unlike other fraternities which gained notoriety due to violence, APO stands with its goals and missions, and that what made the organization a role model in our society. Instead of bragging about high-powered guns and private goons (like what the members of other fraternities are doing), APO has a community service-oriented activities that alleviate the hardships of the common people. This kind of “fraternitism” should be the one that should be practiced by all fraternities. And these fraternities should also train their members in keeping their feet on the ground. (Base from my observations most fraternity members especially those who are into violence are braggarts…). Check more of APO Zeta Omega (ΖΩ) here.

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