My To-Do List and The Right To Voice Out Opinions

Since May of this year I started to list some crappy stuffs that I should accomplish before the month ends. Here are the stuffs in my to-do-list last June that I’ve done doing…

1. Buy a spilled-proof mug

2. General cleaning in the house

3. Treat Roni Babe at Ice Castle

4.  Buy a new pair of decent shoes

5.  Treat jc_hitomi at Tongs

6.  Finish the anti-parasite campaign with libido boi

7.  Go to Camotes or Bantayan Island! Weeeh!

Wehehehe…congrats to myself that I managed to do all of those.  Check my new To-Do List for July.  Hehehe.  I just listed down again the things I didn’t manage to do last month.  I guess the most difficult is losing weight.  Grrr…

When anger consumes you cont.

I am a bit lazy today so I won’t discuss any further what had happened to our chat.  I’ll just post here a few of mine and some “concern citizens” reponses to his angry post in the local forum I mentioned in my previous entry…So here is my response:

As I read your posts I can tell that you’re ruining the Company’s reputation. And it is such a disgrace because you had only worked there for a month and it’s only you among all the past and present employees who is ranting such craps. If you have personal grudges against the manager don’t make a story like the company is like this and like that. It is very alarming that it’s only YOU who had experienced such “maltreatment”. Have you questioned yourself why your clients were not satisfied with your work? Why your clients were not happy with you? And have you also asked yourself why your Manager acted that way? And what have you done why you earned such reaction?

And here are a few selected response posts from those “concern denizens”:

1. No one has the right to ruin the reputation of the company (any company for that matter) just to purge some twisted grudge. Honestly, I think it’s juvenile and totally unnecessary. Granted that everyone has an opinion to convey, but in my humble opinion, comments that are intended to maim the reputation of a company is just downright bitter- who does that? Vanilla Networks is a great company that cares for its employees.

2. NO INSULTS to you or whatever but here is what I think.

Maybe you did not act properly or you have done some things that made you worthy of such acts by their GM. How can I say so? I think “professional” people will not do things without reasons. I was interviewed by the their GM before and I think he is professional enough.

My point is, try to be professional in dealing with things. If you feel that you are being mistreated, you can file a case for them. Not just post something here and talk behind his (Vanilla Network’s GM) back. Sorry to say this, while I read your post, I said to myself “dapat ra man sad di ay xa dili tarongon kai unprofessional man pod xa.”. Your post is here is so unprofessional frankly speaking. If you think that the GM don’t have the skills to be such or he did not have a good system for their company, then, GO AHEAD and apply for his position. Let’s see what you can do and If you will do better, then I will take back all I have said above.

Just a piece of advise, act professionally. If he had mistreated you, file a case or something. If he had underestimated you and your skills, then move on. Work your way up so you can prove that the GM was wrong about you. Not this way to trying to stab him at the back. Makes you look like your worthy of being treated badly because your not professional enough.

3. I heard about this company from a friend of mine, she said their OM is cool, smart and down-to-earth. Sometimes their OM would approach each of his employees and ask them how they are doing with their support. Sometimes he would crack jokes and help them with their concerns or problems. So, I was really shocked to hear some of these silly accusations from their OM, I trust my friend and she wouldn’t lie to me. If you have some issues with the company, then I would advice you to move on than waste your time ruining the company. I worked before in a prestigious company and they suddenly let me go without any warning at all. My friends told me to sue them, but I told them, why waste my time and my money on them, much better to move on and apply for another job. Later on, I realized that you have to experience some things or situations to be able to grow and know what your faults are. It was also a blessing for me, because I was able learn from that experience and prove to myself that I am a capable person. Don’t be bitter about it, cheer up, do something with your life and move on….

I checked the thread a while ago, and I read some comments from other forum members about the company’s people over-reacting about the guy’s post…Oh, well…What should the people expect?  Someone is throwing garbage to the company you’re working with and you fully know that all he said are not true and are just results of his anger.  YES! Everyone has the right to voice out opinions and the likes but people should be more responsible.  A forum is a public place wherein people who can read your post can hastily make unfair judgements.  It is just normal for the company’s people to defend the reputation of their workplace.  And everyone should be more vigilant with their words because badmouthing someone or anyone in public places can be a ground for a libel suit. You should be well-backed up with evidences before you accuse someone of something.


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