Maribago Bluewater Summer Blowout

A fellow Cebu Bloggers Society member, Pinoy Blogger, just informed the group recently that there will be a free summer blow out this coming May.  This event will be sponsored by Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort in cooperation with Pinoy World.  This activity is actually open to all bloggers in Cebu, but most specifically to CBS members.

Free resort accomodations, fun games, and sumptuous foods are waiting for all the participants.  In the games, the lucky bloggers can win gift certificates and other freebies.  In order to participate to this great summer event, the blogger must visit Pinoy Blogger’s post and follow a few easy instructions to register.

The posted date of this event was set to 9th of May, but this is in conflict with the schedule of the iBlog Summit in Manila which will be held on the same date also.  The CBS VP for Events, Xerxes Bernadez,  asked Pinoy Blogger to move this activity to 16th of May.

For further details about this event please visit Pinoy World.  And if you wanted to know more about this beach resort, you can visit Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort’s blog.

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8 Responses to Maribago Bluewater Summer Blowout

  1. Wow!

    Thanks for the review Empress. See you on May 16.

  2. By the way, you’ve got very nice template here.

  3. empressofdrac says:

    no probs…thanks…

  4. empressofdrac says:

    moadto man ka iblog summit no?

  5. ceblogger says:

    nice template you have here, empress!

    i saw in the iblog5 list that you will be attending the event in May 9, along with other Cebu bloggers! see you all here in Manila! I mean in UP Diliman. 🙂

  6. kirara says:

    naa naka diha gawork von? see yah…

  7. ceblogger says:

    dia na tawon sa manila. kitakits na lang pud nya ta mga bloggers from cebu.

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