This is the scariest gore film I’ve ever seen so far.  So please don’t watch this movie if you’re fainthearted.  If you survive the grueling and bizarre gory scenes in Saw series, then I tell you, you won’t succeed on this one.  I mean I finish the film with my knees shaking the whole time.  Those Asian & American horror films are not at par with this European Horror Indie flick.  This is the very first time that I feel scared while watching a sequence of gory scenes.  I’ve already seen a lot of twisted and hair-rising films in the past, but this one scares the sh*t out me the most.

Inside’s antagonist is played by Béatrice Dalle, a seductively vampiric looking French actress famous for her unconventional lifestyle and philosophy.  The story is not actually as interesting and great as the Saw series, but you’ll definitely go insane with the horrible-mind-frigging and sickening bludgeon scenes.  I know I’m already committing the sin of redundancy here, but I feel like my senses are robbed by some horrifying force after watching it.  This flick is definitely on the top of my gore list.  You should watch this if you are into gore and blood.  Good luck. (;

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  1. hello… got here from my older blog. 🙂
    I’ve had my share of gore films but probably not as many as you had. Only seen the very first Saw movie though, and the first 10 minutes of the 3rd one. They give me the creeps, but at least they don’t give you imaginations of zombies and ghosts underneath your bed when the lights are out at night.

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