Body Corpse #19

Body Corpse #19

Body Corpse #19

Aside from Shutter, there’s another Thai Horror movie that would definitely make you grip the edge of your seat.  It will make you experience a primal and gory feeling, yet, it will drown you psychologically.  The genre is definitely horror, but there’s a tinge feeling of romance and sadness.

I’ve already watched a lot of gory movies, yet this one really stands out.  Compared to Shutter, this one won’t give you that creepy feeling.  It’s actually horrid and very “animalistic”, yet it’s happily tragic.  Happily tragic in a sense that the sinners were being punished at the end.

The story is great, yet when compared to SAW, I would still put the latter on top my list.  I actually didn’t expect at first that this movie would turn out good.  It’s worth to watch if you’re into horror and gory stuffs.

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    Definitely sounds promising… 🙂 Love the picture.. (wink)

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