The Convenience of MUD Games

Multi User Dungeon(MUD) games are becoming more and more popular because of social networking sites.  This text-based type of online entertainment conquered the hearts of many not just because it serves as an interconnecting bond between online users, but it is also very convenient to play compared to RPGs and PC games.  The latter which are more into GUI(Graphical User Interface) consume a lot of space in you PC’s memory and installation is a must to play.  On the other hand, MUD games don’t require any of those because you will just play it online along with your friends without the hassle of installation and lagging because of memory space problem.

In MUDs, players are whisked into another dimension wherein golds, jobs, coins, abilities, comrades and the likes are the basic necessities to level up and defeat enemies.  Through text-based battles and competitions, a gamer can gain wealth, skills, properties, favors and all.  Anyone can play and the best thing about it is it’s for free.  You can actually play and gain friends at the same time, and it could lavish your vocabulary with massive gamer and out of this world terms.

When playing MUD games please keep this motto in mind: “If it moves, kill it. If it kills you, try killing something else.” I got this from Vampire Wars FAQ page.  Anyways, below is an example of an MUD game.

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