Kang Hose <3 Jang Saebyuk 102

Fan-made photo uploaded by Lhyna Chellzya McEachran at the You Are My Destiny Facebook Fanpage

She knocks on your car that rainy day.  She begs you to bring her to the hospital. You thought she’s crazy.  She arrives at your arranged marriage meeting that very fateful day.  You thought it’s just very coincidental.  You found out that she’s just a poser.  You hated her for that.  You hated yourself the most because you’re falling for her.

You asked her if she has feelings for you.  You were so disappointed when she answered none.  You gave in to your parents’ will and got engaged to someone else.  You thought you will forget about her, but it’s actually the opposite.

You defended her when she was accused of plagiarism.  You rescued her from the wilderness when she was lost.  You tried your best to protect and showed her how much you care.  But your efforts just vanished to thin air.  You’re engaged and you can’t do anything.  You become tired of your limited freedom.

You broke the engagement.  Everyone around you kept blaming her.  They hated her because she’s the main cause of the chaos you made.  You decided to go to America.  You asked those people whom you can trust to keep an eye on her.  You promised her that you’ll never let her go the second time you two will meet  again.

You found out that her new family kicked her out.  You left America and tried to find her.  You’re too worried of her whereabouts.  You searched for her everywhere…  And at last, you found her.  You would never let her out of your sight again.  You would never leave her behind.  You two will always be together.  You two will face together the harsh conquences you tried to escape.  You two will make it through.  Kang Hose, Jang Saebyuk

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