ASKATO Trio at Seattle’s Best

After their hilarious body massage and farting session at Nua Thai, the Askato Trio proceeded to their next destination.

It was in Seattle’s Best located at The Terraces, Ayala Center. Here are photos to back up their bloody alibis.

Seattles Best
Seattle’s Best

There were just a few people when we came in around one in the morning.

Seattles Best Coffees
Seattle’s Best Coffees

We ordered Vanilla and Avocado Shakes, and Java Chip Coffee.


NBI Special Defective Agent HUHU2.


NBI Special Defective Agent HUHU1.


The ASKATO grand nanny…wahahahhahahaha…

The Askato Duo

The other Askato member refused to be molested photogically. Hehehehe.

More pics here.

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