Doctor Stranger Episode 18 – Jae Joon Is Entrusting Soo Hyun to Hoon

My favorite "Quack scene" in this episode. (:
My favorite “Quack scene” in this episode. (:

In the previous episodes, we saw Jae Hee telling Soo Hyun that Park Hoon loves her.  In this episode, we saw Jae Joon telling Park Hoon that Soo Hyun really likes him.  With this train of events, it is safe to conclude that within the final 2 episodes, we’ll see Park Hoon realizing his feelings towards Hyun.  Awww! Pretty much exciting. *spazzing* Still, I’m keeping my emotions intact because there’s actually a high probability that my delusion won’t happen. ): Check this link to know why I’m focusing more on the romance part.  Check this link to learn more about my thoughts about this series.

Jae Hee Breaks Up with Hoon and Keeps on Rejecting Him

Jae Hee Trying Her "Worst" to Reject Hoon
Jae Hee Trying Her “Worst” to Reject Hoon

Not just once but thrice that Jae Hee brutally pushed Hoon away in this episode.  I really don’t understand why she needs to do those stints.  I really want to pull my hair every time she’s on screen.  Her recent actions don’t make sense and I think that she’s lying to both Park Hoon and Soo Hyun.

I don’t know but I really have this bad feeling about Jae Hee.  Since she reappeared in episode 3, I really can’t trust her character.  Oddly, for the first time, I agree with her.  Hoon is indeed not in love with her.  Hoon’s obsession to find her and be with her  is caused by guilt when he failed to protect her in Budapest.  Now that she’s blaming Hoon for her father’s death, I hope they will break up for good. (Quack shipper much. Lolz!)

Jae Joon is Entrusting Soo Hyun to Park Hoon

Doctor Stranger Episode 18 Jae Joon Telling Hoon to Take Good Care of Soo Hyun

Jae Joon revealed his true motive to Park Hoon because he knows that he can’t just entrust Soo Hyun to anyone except Hoon. When he told Hoon that Soo Hyun really likes him, it is similar to saying that he’s entrusting Soo Hyun to him because he knows that she will be badly devastated after what he will do to her dad and their hospital.

I’m hoping that Hoon will become Soo Hyun’s main ally in the final 2 episodes.  I’m hoping the screen writer will stick with the book’s ending (but, of course, he should alter it a bit to make way for a happy ending).  When the producer announced last week that they are sticking with the original script’s ending, I was quite sure that HoonHyun would be the endgame.  But, still, there’s really no guarantee that it will happen.  ):

In the last 2 episodes (that will be aired next week – Monday and Tuesday), I hope Jae Hee will fade in the screen for good.  If she’s going to give up Hoon then she better not eat her own words.  I’m tired of watching her “constipated face” this whole time.  Since the series never bothered to give her character a back  story and proper development, then she should go.  Either she’ll return to North Korea, die in the midst of the mission, or not appear anymore on the screen.  Jin Se Yeon’s very poor acting performance is actually one of the reasons why this series is harshly criticized not only by the local viewers their in South Korea but by international audience as well.  Arrghh!

Good bye, Jae Hee err Seung Hee or whatever!

Final scene in this episode. Soo Hyun trying to open the door to his father's office.  She suspects Jae Joon did something awful against him.
Final scene in this episode. Soo Hyun trying to open the door to his father’s office. She suspects Jae Joon did something awful.

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