Doctor Stranger Episode 19 Preview – Agent Cha is Back!

English translation of Episode 19 preview
Translation by @oyeleyeolusina in Soompi.

SH: Tell me, did you all along plan for my father to die.

JJ: Soo Hyun

SH: Get out of this hospital immediately.

Unknown voice ( maybe lollipop ahjussi): It was done by Cha and I definitely have to find it.

PM JSJ: You did it on purpose, you doing this is going to be the end for me.

TS: To betray the PM.

PH:A person like Jang Seok Joo is someone with no right to lead the country.

President: There is a person I would like to meet


President: Doctor Park Hoon.

JH: You are meeting the president.

PH: If the plans of the PM JSJ is revealed, we can get a safe haven.

PM: What.

President: Park Hoon what did you just say.

PM: Where is the president.


I am not surprised that agent Cha is back.  He is a character that is not easy to kill and even if the writer needs to kill him, he has to finish him off in the most dramatic exit ever, not just a mere fall in the river.  The hot North Korean villain is back and I suspect that he’ll bring the ultimate bomb twist most viewers have been expecting since his disappearance.

The Dreaded Ending – HoonHyun, HoonHee, or None?

Jae Hee looks terrified when Hoon told her that he'll be meeting the President.
Jae Hee looks confused (?) terrified (?) when Hoon told her that he’ll be meeting with the President.

At this point of the story, it is really difficult to tell.  Though I want Hoon to end up with Soo Hyun, there’s a high probability that he would end up with Jae Hee. But, given the fact that agent Cha is back, the following can be considered as reasons (based from the facts in the drama) why Jae Hee won’t end up with Hoon.

  • In earlier episodes, agent Cha told Jae Hee that he created her. Is this one of the reasons why Jae Hee broke up with Hoon for no clear reasons? Why would agent Cha tell that to Jae Hee if that is not true?
  • Jae Hee tells different variations of her story.  To Soo Hyun, she said that she knows what Hoon did to her dad even before the day that they met in the hospital.   Oddly, she told Hoon that she has just recently found out about her dad when PM Jang told her.  Why she can’t tell a simple truth to both people? She’s still hiding something.  This is the reason why I can’t help but  think about the book’s ending (Jae Hee chose another man and left Hoon).
  • At this point of the story, it’s all up to Jae Hee. If she’ll leave Hoon because she truly believes that most of his actions are prodded by guilt and not love, then I’ll say, she really has another agenda why she came to South Korea as a spy.
  • Also, I’ve posted this already, if her truest intention is to be reunited and live again with Hoon, why go back to North Korea (and be a comrade with agent Cha)? She said she was shipped to Japan (after she was separated with Hoon) and finished her “medical studies” there, then why not go (from Japan) straight to South Korea?  Or, is the Japan story another lie?

The screen writer has so many loose ends to tie that I doubt if he had successfully did it within the two episodes that will be aired tonight and tomorrow.  A possibility of an open ending is lurking in the corner.  Aisssh!

The hot North Korean villain is back! LOLz!
The hot North Korean villain is back! LOLz!

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