Cebu’s Top 5 Delicacies

(This is a guest post by Ann Joy Perez)

This article will surely keep your gastronomic juices flowing. We will be tackling the top five most delightful delicacies here in Cebu that will literally make your mouths water. Most of the local delicacies posted here are also found in the nooks and crooks of department stores, hotels, resorts, supermarkets and groceries in other cities and provinces in the country. But there’s nothing that can beat the authentic ones from its very native origin, so make sure you have a bite yourself when you come here in Cebu.

1) Lechon

CNT's Lechon| Photo Credit:

A trip to Cebu is never complete without trying the original lechon. Lechons or roasted pigs are very famous in the Philippines, and the best ones are found in this city. Made with “secret” ingredients and spices, the flavorful Cebu lechons can stand out on its own even without Mang Tomas and additional condiments.

Lechon houses are proven to be profitable, as many locals and foreign tourists alike line up to the bountiful stores and diners offering lechon. They can be eaten as servings in a plate or ordered as a whole to bring home to family and friends in their respective hometowns.

You can also buy lechon parts chopped and weighed per kilogram in the most popular store found at the back of SM City Cebu. It is called the CNT’s Lechon, where a kilo is priced at around 400 to 450 pesos, while a medium-sized whole roasted pig is at 3500 pesos.

2) Chicharon

Chicharon| Photo

The chicharon is a sumptuous food entrée that is made up of crispy deep-fried pork skin. It is usually put as toppings in dishes like palabok, noodles and soups. Chicharon in Cebu comes with the natural, hot and salty flavors. Often, it is soaked in vinegar and chili to complement and even improve its tastiness.

Do not underestimate chicharon as it goes through a tedious process of cooking: deep fried, sun dried, oil drained, cooled and reheated three to four times! The finished product is packed as special and regular. The special variety consist of the puffed deep-fried pork skin having little strip of pork fat. Each bite is a piece of heaven. The regular kind is purely skin and is equally delicious.

3) Chorizo de Cebu

Chorizo| Photo Credit:

Cebu Chorizo might be deemed as the spitting image of the typical longaanisa (Filipino native sausages) but taste a bit different. Having a combination of sweet flavor and local spices, the chorizo contains more meat and lesser fat than the longaanisa. It is processed with a curing mix of salt, phosphate and chilled water. You can find that in most eating places in Cebu, the chorizo is grilled and served in a stick with three to four pieces and rice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

4) Otap

Otap| Photo

One of the trademarks of Cebu, the Otap is a crispy baked biscuit that is made up of eggs, flour, shortening, sugar and margarine. It has a unique flaxy texture, so have your other hand supporting the hand you use to hold the Otap piece to catch the falling flakes from the main body. Else, you’re sure to have a sweet-dusty floor. The taste is a fusion of sweetness and burnt flavor. You can find the best Otap in Shamrock branches near Colon and Fuente Osmena in Cebu and a store near the Lapu Lapu City Hall which near the Mactan International Airport.

5) Dried Danggit and Pusit

Dried Danggit and Pusit| Photo Credit:

Last but not least in the list are dried pusit (squid) and dangggit (salted fish) found in the Taboan Market. You will be shocked at how affordable they are here in Cebu as compared to those packed and sold in Manila. Here, the price is at 600 pesos per kilogram. As a great pasalubong, it can be packed in smaller bags—each at 100 grams is recommended, for your family and friends.


Besides the glorious attractions and tourist spots you can find here in Cebu, you will also get to enjoy our mouth-watering delicacies. The next time you’re traveling here, have fun while eating these tasty foods!

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21 thoughts on “Cebu’s Top 5 Delicacies

  1. I remember when we had our educational field trip at Cebu , we like a certain restaurant there (I forgot the name ). They serve danggits and its so delicious. I bought danggits , dried mangoes and otap as my pasalubong for my friends and family . I can truly say , dried danggits in cebu are one of the best !

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  2. Wow most of those look great I am not sure about the last one though. I will have to see if i can find any of these great dishes locally.

  3. Hi Agnes! Just want to ask where you can buy the best quality Chorizo de Cebu? Is there a specific brand that you can recommend? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. Yummy! Tasted everything already except for the chorizo, and I can say that they are all to die for. I want to go back to Cebu just to try all of them again. It’s different from what we have here in Manila.

  5. You nailed it right that it would be perfectly incomplete without tasting the Cebu Lechon upon visiting Cebu. Hopefully when you visit Cebu again try for “Lechonnok” A roasted pig stuffed with whole chicken. 🙂

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