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An elevated view of the Queen City of the South, as seen from Cebu Plaza Hotel in the mid 1990s… Today the Cebu City skyline has changed a lot! – Photo & Description by Pablo Minto

Sugbo or Cebu is one of the most historical places in the Philippines.  If you have remembered your Philippine History class in 4th year high school, you would surely recall that it was in Cebu that the Philippine islands first came to the attention of European voyagers and expeditionists.

From Yoyoy Villame’s very famous song “Magellan”, Sugbuanons would never forget that on March 1521, a Spanish expedition from around the world led by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, landed on the island of Cebu, introduced Roman Catholicism to the natives, and then was graciously butchered by Lapu-lapu, Cebu’s local chieftain at that time.  Lapu-lapu then became the epitome of Cebuanos bravery and dominance.

The Most Amazing Place to Live

If you are a kapuso (GMA 7), you should have probably watched QTV’s “Ang Pinaka”.  During one of the Ang Pinaka’s countdown episode, Cebu topped the top 10 list of the “Ang pinaka-amazing place to live in the Philippines“.

Aside from being the most well-developed and urbanized area in southern Philippines, the Cebu island offers a tranquil and tropical environment that would make every visitor feels like he is in a vacation all the time.

On the other hand, despite the cat & mouse relationships between Cebu’s prominent political figures, the Sugbuanons remain unaffected.  Not that Cebuanos are not interested in politics & current events, they just know how to prioritize and segregate important things from trivial ones.

Modern Yet Affordable Lifestyle

Unlike most of the world’s famous lifestyle cities, Cebu offers great recreational activities and affordable cost of living.

People from all walks of life has the freedom to enjoy everything the City offers.  From world-class tropical beach resorts, booming Information Technology zones to its sumptuous restaurants & vibrant night life scenes – Cebu promises boundless fun, excitement, & opportunities.