Sleep Paralysis, a Bad Spirit Encounter

This is the most similar photo I found that matches how the dark spirit looks like.  No eyes, nose, or any facial features but it’s a girl of about 4 or 5 years of age.

Saturday afternoon of last week, I went to the city to visit my parents and felt so lucky that I got to sleep at my nephew’s bed. After like 2 hours of playing with Ogoro chan (my nephew) I felt so exhausted and dosed off.

I had like random visions and interactions with familiar people in my dream and then suddenly I was on my nephew’s bed – paralyzed and scared. A black spirit of an angry girl (who comes from my previous dream) was forcing her way to enter my body. The experience was so vivid I believed for some time that it’s real.

The energy from the dark spirit of the girl was so aggressive in entering my body that I can feel its heat. As ironic as it sounds, the spirit has a temperature and my co-CBSi pals laughed at me when I related this story to them.

As I struggled with all my might to push the spirit away, I tried to scream and asked help from my father who at that time was busy talking with my mother outside my little nephew’s “room” (as what the sleep paralysis experience fed my brain). As I tried to scream and noticed that no sound was coming out from my mouth, I started to understand that I was having a “nightmare” again, with the same situation but different assailant this time.

I tried to move and brushed the spirit away who started to enter my body making an entry on my forehead but my effort was futile. I can’t move and although I can open my mouth it produced no sound. Though I knew that I was having a sleep paralysis and it’s just a part of my dream, my brain persistently told me to get away from the spirit or else I will be possessed with an evil entity.

In my persistent resistance against the dark spirit which was slowly settling (I felt its presence while it slowly enters my body because of its “warm” temperature) inside me, I started praying the “Our Father” and when I tried to wrestle again I found a holy rosary hanging on my neck. A flood of sudden relief temporarily made me calm but I still can’t move.

The dark spirit was coming back at me again (it sort of flushed away when I got the rosary) angrier and the heat it emitted was more intense compared to its first attempt. I bravely opposed its will to enter my body and I recited the holy rosary aloud. While praying I tried my best to move. I wiggle the toes of feet while trying again and again to shout. And in my very last shout, a sound successfully escaped my mouth and my father found me trembling with eyes shut still shouting. He woke me up though I knew I was already awake since the moment the spirit started to forcefully enter my body.

My other sleep paralysis experiences are accurately illustrated in the documentary video below.

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13 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis, a Bad Spirit Encounter

  1. Dang that was scary. I tried several experiences like this before. It happened in our company sleeping lounge. In your case the dark and black, but in my case it was super bright white. It was like Gandalf the White times infinity. My eyes were hurting because of how bright the entity was.

    Both our experiences are somewhat similar. Trying to come inside my body, and screaming or kicking doesn’t really help much.

    Another weird thing was that while the white entity was coming towards me I heard like a million trumpets and choirs sing something that was unrecognizable. At first I thought it was God, but then I didn’t want to take chances, and I wasn’t ready to go yet.

    So I fought back, with all of my might.

    Then I woke up. And I had the worst stiff neck and headache I ever had in my life.

  2. I had goosebumps reading your terrifying experience. I can relate myself with sleep paralysis but I’ve never encountered seeing an entity when I’m under that state. It would be scary if one experiences it.

  3. I had several experiences with sleeping paralysis before, scary as hell at first but got use to it. It seem to happen when I’m super tired before I sleep. Anyways thanks for sharing and bringing back my memories!

  4. i had a dream but it is not sleep paralysis. i dreamed of kissing rhianne ramos and my Guard it was sooooh spooky because rhianne ramos was changed after my kiss into a wet and wild slimy bullfrog. end of my dream. it was so awful straight from the walt disney’s beauty and the beast series….yaah know?

  5. i had one of these before. a lot of times i experienced having sleep paralysis. its even scarier because in my dream, a devil running after me because he wants me to be with him forever. it was the time when i rebelled greatly to my parents and i backslid from being a Christian. i was around 16 yrs old that time. almost everyday i dreamed of that particlar situation. what i did was i ask my mom why is it happening and she told me that i lack prayer and i need to confess my sins heartily to God and go back to church. i even once encountered real scary event when i was in was the time that i really offered and submitted my life to God. im a youth leader now and i thank Him for He saved my life from eternal death.:)praise GOD!

  6. I have had exactly this, a few times. Usually triggered by extreme fatigue. But when it first started I’d experience strange, demonic and pretty terrifying apparitions, whilst also being completely frozen, but awake (I think).

    Anyways, I then read about the brain mechanism and the hormones that responsible for disabling the body, and the way the system just gets messed up, resulting in becoming conscious, whilst still paralysed, and also in a suggestible state.

    After learning about it, I still had the experience of waking up and unable to move, but devoid of anything sinister. I was able to just attribute it to the brain, instead of some sort of demonic possession.

  7. I have had this happen to me it is incredibly scary, I didn’t see anything but I couldn’t move and it sounded like the room was filled with people I thought they were talking about ways to hurt me, but couldn’t understand.

  8. The hallucinations you have can be really scary. I had a very similar experience but with the ‘entity’ screaming in my ear.

    It is weird explaining to people how relieved you feel once it’s over. Once you snap out of it you fully realise it was a dream but at the time it seems incredibly real!

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