Irritating Thought of the Day: Over-sensationalized Royal Wedding

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Have you noticed lately how the mainstream media most specially TV networks over-sensationalized the wedding of a certain royal couple?  Honestly, I find it too shallow and too insensitive to the current situation of the Filipino people.

I don’t consider myself a kill-joy but the constant flashing and news updates about something I think most people don’t care about really got into my nerves and I’m not alone with this sentiment.  All members of my family got bored and and are wondering if TV networks have received some sort of payments from the Buckingham Palace to promote the so called “modern fairytale wedding of the century”. LOL!

I know that I sound so sarcastic and indifferent.  Can’t help it. I’m not suggesting that people should not celebrate weddings or should not acknowledge royalties.  It’s on how the media over-sensationalized something that’s not even that important.  I mean with the country’s current situation, who would be happy watching royalties spending millions for a very luxurious wedding?  Too much irony in the world.  There, I just dropped it.

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2 thoughts on “Irritating Thought of the Day: Over-sensationalized Royal Wedding

  1. I don’t think it’s only the Philippine media sensationalizing the royal wedding. It is all over the world. Here in the US, 5 channels devoted a whole coverage of the media, and in New York City alone, some groups even celebrated it with a party even though they’re not British.
    Just cheer up girl….there’s nothing wrong about committing half a day of celebrating something “happy and wonderful” amidst the chaotic news of wars, poverty, politics, disasters and terrorism that the media dish out to us each and every day of our lives.
    It’s only once in a lifetime that beautiful royal weddings like this happen. Chillax girl …sometimes we need to get a little sunshine from the darkness we see everyday.

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