Bo’s Coffee Cool Summer Cakes

It’s summer time and Bos’ Coffee, a Cebuano-owned coffee chain, is proud to announce to all coffee lovers out there their much awaited summer surprise – The Bo’s Coffee Summer Cakes.

Bo’s Coffee Strawberry Cake

The photo above is Bo’s Coffee Strawberry Cake, one of their four summer cakes.  The other three are the Bo’s Coffee Mango Cake, Bo’s Coffee Macapuno Pandan Cake, Bo’s Coffee Strawberry Cake, and Bo’s Coffee Ube Cake.

Bo’s summer cakes are all layered chiffon cakes with creamy filling in between.  The strawberry and mango cakes have chunks of fruit in their icing.  The two other flavors, Macapuno Pandan and Ube, are entirely new.

One best way to enjoy your summer is to splurge yourself to a refreshing food trip.  Have a summer trip with your friends and don’t forget to drop by at any Bo’s Coffee shops to check their cool summer cakes. (:

To check more about Bo’s summer cakes, visit their blog here.

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