Immortals in Moalboal 2009

This is a very late post, but, nevertheless, I am inspired to write about this because this is something that only happens once a year among my forum comrades in Immortality Forum.  We’ve been doing this for three years now and I’m expecting another outing next year.

First, I would like to thank all the the mortals who went there.  This is in random order.

I guess that’s it.  I hope I didn’t miss anyone.  I’m a little bit disappointed that a few important people didn’t manage to attend like MagicBeans Guy and Blink.

We actually planned this outing very early this year.  Would you believe that we started talking about this in the forum exactly on 11th of January?  Hahahaha!  And to think the actual outing was on 1st and 2nd of May.

We had lots of alternative venues.  At first, we talked about Sumilon, but when we checked the place online, we found out that the accomodation rates are in dollar value.  This means that we can’t afford it and we better check for another nice beach resorts, those ones with nice beaches, but with affordable rates.  We considered Camiguin and Bohol in our list, but these places are way too far from main Cebu.  Others find it a hassle both in transportation and time.  We checked a few others and then, at the end we decided to go to Moalboal, specifically, BigSand Campgrounds.

Because I was too excited, I phoned the resort immediately and made reservation for at least 20 people for an overnight stay.  After that I heard negative feedbacks from titah Binky.  She told us that the beach front of the said resort is no good and we should try another one.  At the back of my friggin’ head, I was a bit disappointed because the place is actually almost perfect.  I mean, with our number, we really need a big place and BigSand Campground’s accomodation is definitely big, but very affordable.  It is a two-storey, air conditioned cottage with tap water and fridge, and the place is private and safe.  I really don’t mind at all the beach front because I know that we can roam somewhere in the strech of beaches and find some nice shorelines.

Well, to make the story short, the bloody outing was pushed through.  Everybody was happy and I got drunk early in the evening.  Hahahaha.  Thanks to Nabet and Pepe for the CnT lechon donation and to Manash and Nabet for the free cottage fee.  Moalboal beach ain’t that great, but the people I was with were all awesome.  Labi na katong mga nangahubog, apil nako. Hahahaha.  Xie xie Ni and Jia You!

Photo Album 1, Photo Album 2

Photo Credits: Jeff Saberon “Doble” and Jolla Carmen Valencia “Mingo”

N.B: There’s still a 3rd batch of photos in isda’s cam.  I dunno why until now he hasn’t uploaded those yet.  Iya pa guro giorasyunan.  Unod Bukog, Bukog Unod.  Hahahahaha!

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5 thoughts on “Immortals in Moalboal 2009

  1. heheh mao na ni.. ako g huwat..
    nagdamgo baya ko sa inu pag adto manila nez
    hehe na mikuyog daw ko

  2. hehehe..
    nalingaw ko sakong damgo lage
    kai naa daw ta manila
    daun nag sakay daw ta airplane
    daun klaro daw kaayo ang dagat kai open man daw ang plane
    ni kapyot daw ta sa plane ahhaha.. daun ni hunog og batangas kai naligo tag dagat
    ni sumpay ang dagat sa moalboal pero naa daw ta a2 sa batangas.
    daun ni hunas den ni taob ga dagan2x daw ta kai hadlok ma abtan sa dagat hahaha
    nalingaw ko pagmata nako

  3. wahahahah..kanice gud…airplane nga open? nyehehhe…pagxur oi…haist…

    kuwangan man tong kiat nato sa moalboal oist…haist…

  4. kai nag una man ka kahubog gud hahaha
    nahan gani ko sako damgo
    pero nakamata lang ko sa alarm clock..
    dili na ta mag dagat og magkiat2x ta ha sunod
    kai dili naman summer
    napa koi nightmare anang dagat
    wala pako ka mata ato

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