Asus Ultimate 2009 Overclocking Show

Attention techies, geeks and computer addicts!  Asus will be holding an overclocking competition next week.  The Asus Ultimate 2009 Overclocking Show will be held this 23rd of May.  The show will start around 3pm in the Entertainment Plaza, SM City, Cebu.  This event is part of the Asus PC Fair (May 14-24).  The management decided to hold an overclocking competition to make a dynamic fair finale.  In the competition the participants are expected to showcase their overclocking skills using top hardwares from different brands.

Asus is a multinational Taiwanese company which is one of the world’s leading producers of motherboards, graphic cards, optical drives, PDA’s, computer monitors, notebook computers and a lot more computer related innnovations.  It is reported, that since the year 2006, 35% of PC’s sold used an ASUS motherboard.

The Asus management are inviting Cebu Bloggers Society members to attend and blog about the event.

N.B: What is overclocking?

To speed up the computer beyond the manufacturer’s specifications in order to run faster. Common in the gaming world, overclocking the CPU is accomplished by changing the clock ratio of the frontside bus (FSB) in the BIOS setup. Older methods were changing a jumper on the motherboard or changing the clock crystal. Although enhanced cooling systems are typically added when a CPU is overclocked, over time, the CPU or the motherboard may not be able to handle the increased speed.

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