Scarification or Skin Carving

I already saw photos of people who underwent this kind of artistic stuff eons of years ago.  I happened to watch Jessica Soho’s documentary show yesterday, and I noticed that even Pinoys are into this.  I have a thread about this in my forum and the people’s first impression is “YUCK”.

On the process of Scarification
On the process of Scarification

Honestly, I really admire the courage of these mortals who modified their bodies for the sake of art.  I mean the pain must be enough to prove to everyone else that they are serious with their craft.  But people have lots of speculations, like they do it just to catch attention.  Some would even say that these kind of people have low self esteems and doing bizarre things to themselves is their way of uplifting their egos.

Whatever, I still find skin carving way too cool, but it’s really dangerous especially if you will get infections and other serious health problems as the aftermath.

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5 thoughts on “Scarification or Skin Carving

  1. i agree with what you posted and i am so happy to know that i’m not the only one who thinks that scarification (skin carving) is cool..
    did u happen to know some studios or parlors whose doing it here in the philippines?
    i’ve been looking for one and i cant seem to find anywhere here..
    please e-mail me if you do know..
    thanks a lot!

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