New Moon Trailer 2009

Here’s a very artistic, very professionally made fan video trailer of New Moon. If not because I’m telling you here that it’s a fan-made, you would definitely believe that it’s the official trailer of the movie. Though, there are actually clips that didn’t fit in at the end of the video (like the girl who is jumping in the cliff wearing a long, white dress). Bella is not wearing a dress when she jumped off the cliff in book 2 of Twilight. I hope you’ll enjoy watching. I’m quite excited of New Moon this coming November. Hehehe. Jia You!!

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8 thoughts on “New Moon Trailer 2009

  1. Happy birthday! 😛

    Hope your day was real good!

    (By the way, I love the design of your website! It looks amazing! So professional! haha)

  2. hahaha…thanks…dili ko fanatic bata, twilight freak ko…gistalk lang gud nako pirmi na si Robert Pattinson…hehehe

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