My site is not indexed in Google

I dunno what happened.  I’ve been busy for a few weeks and laid low in checking my site’s stats.  I just found out yesterday that this site has been removed from google’s search results list.  I found this by keying in my major keyword “empressofdrac“.  I used to google my site using that keyword and my main page always tops the results list, but yesterday, it’s the other way around.  I can’t find my site even in the last pages of the results list.  Instead it’s my forum which is hosted freely in on the top .

I googled to check what happened.  I found out that google will remove your site if you put illegal stuff in there or when you do some dirty tricks to raise your page’s popularity.  But I did none of the above.

I checked my all in one SEO plug in set up and what I noticed is all the no index options are checked.  But I don’t think this has something to do with it.  The no index there are just for my categories, archives, and tag archives.  This is really a mystery to me.  I guess I need to do further investigation.

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