Sinulog Night Madness

It’s already 3:56am, and I just got home with Manash and Jun2x from Grill Avenue. Manash has been puking shamelessly the moment we went out. She puked at the side of the street, at the taxi window, and in front of our house. We have to aid and support her balance while we walked her out from that place because she’s bloody drunk.

We started drinking beer the moment we arrived at Grill Avenue with a live show band entertaining the night crowd. Titah Binky was there along with her friends and her brother. I haven’t drank beer for a while because I stick to my promise to myself that I would only patronize hard drinks. But I got no choice that time because I had to compromise for the sake of camaraderie.

We were enjoying the entertainment on stage since one of the band’s vox was really a performer. At around 11pm Wasted signed off since she still has to wake up early because of work. But we didn’t believe her because her EX showed up there wearin a green shirt that matched the color of hers. It’s really too obvious. Viktor excused himself first and a few minutes later Wasted bid goodbye from the group. Hehehe. We are sooo green minded.

Earlier at Ayala
Earlier at Ayala

At around 12am or 1am I guess, Jun2x arrived. Manash and Titah Binky were already dancing beside our table. I can tell that Manash was already tipsy. My stomach already ached because of the heavy density of the beer and I had to pass. At around 1:30 or 2:00am I guess, Titah Binky and her friends signed off. She has to go home early because she’s taking medication for her gallstones problem.

When we finished our beer, we ordered margarita. Manash was already very tipsy and has been dancing crazily. Jun2x joined her later. The two were both tipsy already and I was laughing my heart out because Manash was obviously drunk and had caught attention from the crowds in another tables. We finished our margarita at around 3am after she finished her live show presentation starred by those brave enough people who were amply drunk to go dirty dancing with her. Hahahaha. Manash is really a spectacle when she’s drunk. Hehehe. Jia you, Jia you Manash!

Anyways, earlier that evening, we went to Ayala with Roni babe to watch the fireworks presentation. Unfortunately, we were at the wrong side of the mall. We didn’t able to see that fucking fireworks. Grrrr! We just hang out at Shakeys and stuffed ourselves with pizza, fried chicken, and a fucking pitcher of “not cold” iced tea. The mall was actually jam packed with people that’s why we got no other choice, but to eat at that friggin’ resto. Grrrrr.

Goofin around...
Goofin' around...

I guess I need to salute now. My head is bloody heavy, my fingers already numb…and I already see that big-eyed girl and those long, black fuckin’ of a hair…So long America!!!! Hehehehe…

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19 thoughts on “Sinulog Night Madness

  1. ayay , sayo diay ning batsi si wasted kay naka spot og nilalang, basin gi harvart to niya.
    gubaa gud ni manash anang gabhi-ona..
    lipong-2x to nag duty?

  2. ahak hahah d jud sila too ai..
    balo baya ka na wala 2y claro na tao
    hehe wala jud baya ko ga xpect mo apas sya..
    nag lakaw ra tawn ko padong robi wala kuyog nag wait sa txt nya basin ihatod ko wa jud.. wai au

    og d palang lage audit sa work magdugay pod ko a2,,

  3. hahahaha…ahakz…naa diay pareha ni Edward Cullen diri Cebu maibes? tsk…tsk…

    hambug au ang rubin, abi naa nay harvatunon ig valentines…

  4. heheh wala man guro aw mangita pako.. kana dili tao hahaha

    paibog ng tats ay ehhehe
    sa una cge ad na wala ka date

  5. ang gusto ni maibe kana mama-ak og liog?
    puno kas chikinini ana.. hahaha.

    ambot ani kung maka harvart ba.. pero murag kamo paman tingali occupied ig vday, ga pakaron ingnun ramo oi..

    was pani sure ako-a, basta mahibal-an rani.

  6. hehe basin ig ka vday abot nako manila kai i orient napod ko..

    @tats magpa payring squad ra ming manash ig ka vday ingon nya asa bay occupied ana?

  7. luslus ninyo…ngano pressured man au mo anang valentines oi…that’s just any other days…ordinaryo ra kaau ng adlawa para sa mga walay uyab.,..hehehe

  8. nana pod ng gamhanan nga el-hombre..

    ikaw agnes karon raka against anang vday, pero sauna, perti jud nimo date² anang adlawa..

    maibel, magpa payring squad ka sa luneta?

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