Kaname Kuran

He is the main character of Matsuri Hino’s Vampire Knight manga, which has been serialized since January of 2005 in Lala Magazine in Japan, and then put into serialization in Shojo Beat magazine in North America by June of 2006.  Kaname Kuran is a pure blood vampire who happens to be Yuki Cross’ elder brother, but, is destined to love her romantically.  Well, for those Zero-Yuki fans, this post will disappoint you because I’m for Yuki and Kaname’s love tandem.

Kaname and Yuki’s love may be a taboo for mortals, but it cannot be applied in the blood-sucker world. Kaname’s love for her sister cannot be fathomed beyond the depths of those endless abysses in the monster world they live in.  The brotherly love is only a faint reflection of the intensity of feelings and bliss every time he is with her.  The tragic disaster that happened to their parents ten years ago had marked him for the rest of his immortal life to love the only member of his family that was left, Yuki.

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