My Official Twilight Movie Review

I watched the movie last night at Ayala Theater in Cinema 1. I got a ticket reservation from last week that’s why I managed to book a last full show schedule in the first day of screening here in PI. I immediately took off from the office when my CPU clock ticked off to 9:30PM. The Ayala theater is just located in front of our office building.

The mall was already closing up when I arrived and most of the stores were already closed. When I went upstairs to the cinema, there were already throngs of people who were going inside the theater. Most of them were females and a quarter were males. The inside of the cinema were jam packed with Twilight fans when a cinema crew ushered me to my reserved seat.

I really didn’t expect much from the movie because I know that it’s not easy to compress a three hundred plus pages of story into a 122-minute film. I’ve already read a lot of movie reviews and negative criticism write ups from the internet a few days before I decided to watch it. My expectation was low, but my acceptance was high. I was determined to watch the movie to show my love of the books and how I adored Stephenie Meyer’s (a plain housewife before her book became famous) creative imagination that enamored millions of avid fans worldwide.

The movie started off awkwardly. I guess that’s the right term. I expected Kristen Stewart to be really, really great, but it seems like her acting is kinda dry, no emotions. But I guess that’s really how Meyer portrayed Bella Swan in her book. Bella is always anxious to become the center of attention, she doesn’t want to be a burden to anybody even to her mom and dad. But this doesn’t justify Kristen Stewart’s emotionless portrayal in the first few scenes. The most awkward scene is that one in the Biology lab when Bella’s scent distracted Edward. It’s very awkward to watch a scene written in a book portrayed straight in the big screen. It’s because what you imagined in your head while you were reading the book is not exactly what you see in the screen.  So, this is a major fall back of a novel turned into a movie.  Every reader has their own interpretation or imagination.

Moreover, the movie all in all is okay. Rob Pattinson is definitely hot and he portrayed the character of Edward well. I guess there’s no one more appropriate than him to play Edward. You will definitely leave the theater falling in love with him. On the other hand, the relationship between the members of the Cullen family was portrayed properly. And Billy Burke (the one who played Charlie, Bella’s father) is really a good actor. Among all the Twilight casts, I can say that he’s really one of the best actors in the movie.

If I would rate the movie from 1 to 10, 7 would definitely my rating. For those people who haven’t read the book yet and are talking negative things against the story, you better read all the books first before you start stoning shits. I’ve been reading hundreds of fictional books since elementary, and the Twilight Series is definitely one of a kind. It’s so refreshing that Meyer gave my fave mythical character a chance to be seen in a different shade of light. Well, who wouldn’t like a vampire for a boyfriend now? Just kidding. So long penguins.

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35 thoughts on “My Official Twilight Movie Review

  1. hahahahaha…mao jud…lami sad kaau si carlisle…ass inn…pero la juy makatupong sa akong papa edward…hahahaha…

  2. what do you mean reflection? are you referring to Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire?

    if you mean by reflection is something to do with deep thinking and rumination, then you can’t find that in Meyer’s books. She has her own version of this mythical character. It’s quite refreshing that she has transformed the old savage vampire to a more disciplined one. Though the concept is definitely common, her unique imagination bravely defied the traditional bloodsucker character.

    Anyways, Twilight, unlike other vampire stories focuses mainly with the leading characters’ love story.

  3. bati ning salidaha, not what i’ve expected about vampire stories..
    na mga horny-horny , like UNDERWORLD and BLADE..

    masyadong pambata at pang hiskol raning salidaha dapat GP ni, dili PG13..

    the story focus on lovestory of bella and edward, same love story to other movies , the only differences is that its between vamp and human.

    pero kung lovestory man lang ang tomong, maypa mo tan-aw mo og
    One True Love ni dingdong og marian. kilig pa..


  4. hahaha…amew…kay pangbata jud bitaw na tats…Twilight is intended for young audiences…dili intended sa mga tiguwang na…hahahaha…





    WAY AJO..

  7. taka raman tawon ka oi…lau ra kaau ang movie sa book oi…daghan gani nangasuko kay bati ang movie…nitan-aw lang ko kay loyal ko sa book…mao na…period…

  8. Tonight’s the big night, and ET is taking you LIVE to the red carpet premiere of ‘Twilight’! All the stars of the hot new film will be there — including Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ! Come back here tonight at 5 p.m. to go

  9. poor anne rice, meyer’s reaping all the moolah from a very sappy uninspired cliched overhyped story. so let me break this down to everybody, of course there’s gonna be a sequel with all the cashflow they’re raking in and then maybe a part 3 or 4. then a few years from now it’s gonna dissolve to it’s ‘twilight’ of nothingness, so to speak. and kids will grow out from their “faux-vampire” phase and everyone will just forgot. i mean, hey, it happened with harry potter.

    “Separation is itself part of the unity of the world, of the global social praxis split up into reality and image. The social practice which the autonomous spectacle confronts is also the real totality which contains the spectacle. But the split within this totality mutilates it to the point of making the spectacle appear as its goal. The language of the spectacle consists of signs of the ruling production, which at the same time are the ultimate goal of this production.” – Guy De Borde (Society of Spectacle)

    you have become a target market.

  10. lolers! that’s exactly what these are all about and Anne Rice is none of the exception. I think you haven’t read the series yet, that’s why your being so uncooperative…lol…

    very sappy uninspired? oh, come on…you just watched the movie and you don’t even bother to read the books…read the books first before you judge…capiche?

  11. oh please, vampire love stories are soo “victorian” zeitgeist. and thanks, but no thanks(id rather read nietzsche’s “twilight…” than spend an hour or so of yawnfest). dont want to become their pavlovian dog. don’t want to make them any more richer than they are right now. for the record, i never, not once imagine myself thinking about watching teh movie.

    but you’ve got to give it to meyer and the hollywood cashcows though, i mean it’s the season of the gluttons & money-burning(read: xmas) and the movie is supposedly aiming the teens / kids, you do the math. boy, talk about perfect timing.

  12. okay…if that’s what you think…you always have the right to your own opinion, though I know yours are definitely bias.

    to earn millions of dollar from what you seem to suggest as “crap” is definitely very, very frustrating to someone who prefer to read philosophical books over “sappy uninspired” mythical literature.

    well, I hope Friedrich Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols would enlighten your mind and could help you appreciate and enjoy crappy things from hollywood’s cashcows…but I doubt that…

    anyways, since you’re talking of Nietzsche, are you into extreme pessimism or to make it more clear, nihilism?

  13. yes. yes. that’s the beauty of dialectics, everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion. im not suggesting earning millions is a bad thing, what im driving at is, we have become a mere “spectacle” instead of real breathing people. we are being controlled, nay manipulated by “the man behind the curtain”. what we might call a advertising persuasion is actually a mind control, so to speak. on what to think, what to watch. an individual should be the thinking living subject instead of a “consequential object” of the bourgeoisie. layoaa na naku oi. hehe. but you should get it. u read sartre & kierkegaard.

    i dont ascribe to any school of thought. most of them in practice contradict themselves if you come to think of it. you can call it existentialism but i dont really care. i am into the liner side of nietzsche, if you can call it as such, or his analytical discourses on the individual’s “will to power”. kita isip “tawo” ang nagkontrolar sa atong kinabuhi. dili ang gobyerno, relihiyon, dili ang mga makinarya nga gapadagan sa kapakyasan sa atong mga tumong ug tinguha.

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