Digital Filipino Club and Bloggers Fellowship Night

The Digital Filipino Club successfully held this event at Teatro Casino in Waterfront, Cebu last 22nd of October. This Fellowship was organized by Miss Janette Toral and sponsored by PAGCOR. The event was crowded by online-affiliated people and was even made livelier by the present of the Cebu Bloggers Society members who became the event’s center of attraction because of their well-thought t-shirt design. All the participants enjoyed the event not only because of the freebies, but also it became a temporary venue of meeting individuals with the same line of interest.

After consuming their sumptuous dinner, the bloggers introduced themselves and talked something about their respective blogs. It was followed by a speech from a PAGCOR representative announcing their newest online marketing plan. Miss Janette Toral also made a brief introduction about the Digital Filipino Club’s members, history and as well as the latest club activities. Kevin Ray Chua and Winston, members of CBS also made special speeches on how they started their blogs and gave tips on how to increase blog popularity. There were also little talks about SEO and then followed by PAGCOR’s video presentation, a gaming event among bloggers, picture takings, and the awarding of raffle prizes.

Anyways, I met Beor and Galadriel of Istorya.Net during the event. I know them because I always hang out on their forum before. This is way back when my immaturish reflexes were still in control of my half-cooked brain. Beor is actually a very respectable and handsome man and her wife is really pretty in person. I actually have so much respect to them, and I look up to them like role models.

I guess I need to end this post here. It seems like I run out of ideas already. My lazy brain is already bitching me to finish the 4th book of the Twilight saga. So long penguins!

Check more photos here. (Photo Credits: Shinjin and X)

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Digital Filipino Club and Bloggers Fellowship Night
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22 thoughts on “Digital Filipino Club and Bloggers Fellowship Night

  1. Nice entry…
    i like the photo of the girl on the right..
    so long penguins.. I think i read that on your previous post too…
    that’s so hilarious…hahahah

  2. hi empress.. it was nice to meet you. enks sa pag invite nimo naku sa table ninyu. whew.. mauwawon man gud ko. hehehehe! so long penguins!!

  3. Hi Ms. Empressive Empress! Hope to see you soon again! More talks and chit chats to come!

    BTW, I’m looking forward on the twilight movie! my friend read the book and she referred me to that!

  4. @mark

    hapit nako human sa 4th book oist…hehehe…excited nako sa 5th book…Midnight Sun pero la pa gipublish…nan-aw nya ta twilight movie this dec…

    waaahh…basa jud gurl kay mabuang jud kang Edward…hahaha…

  5. Ug nagpadownload na ako friend ani nga movie kay showing na daw sa tates! Ug sa dihang… wala pa sa download sites! hehehe… demanding kayo ang lola nako! hehehe

    Looking forward to twilight!

  6. ako gani…gacheck-check ko sa mga streaming ug torrent sites…la jud koy nakit-an nga twilight…strikto guro au ilang pagdistribute sa copy…

    nov 11 pa man ang showing sa states sa twilight oi…pero i dunno sa pre-screening…

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