From Microsoft seminar to Asia’s oldest street, Colon

This is the first time in four weeks that I managed to go home early.  Yes, as early as 7pm.  This is because I never thought that our supervisor would force me not to report to work since I was three hours late.  Three hours late because I attended a five-hour seminar this morning and this afternoon.

My friend was actually the organizer of the said event.  She invited me along with my other three colleagues, but only one managed to go with me.  The seminar is actually about Microsoft’s newest released operating system, the Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office System, Exchange Server 2007, Windows Server 2008, and about their new Financing Program for their clients.

To start with, I’m not really that impressed with Windows Vista.  I would rather use XP or any other Linux distros.  Vista has definitely an unquestionable GUI superiority, but it doesn’t outweigh its functionality and efficiency.  Aside that it has still lots of bugs, it would also consume a lot of your PC’s memory space.  But then, there’s is no denying with the reality.  XP will be totally eradicated in the market by 2014.  So, end users has no other choice but to upgrade to mighty Vista.  Well, that is, if we won’t opt to open source platforms.  Platforms and applications with no 24-hour customer support, as what one of the speakers pointed out jestingly.

Nevertheless, the seminar focused on the advantages brought by their new upgraded innovation(which by the way, copied Linux multiple desktops feature).  I just can’t help it.  The multiple desktop panel feature is just too obvious.  Anyways, the speakers stressed out that Vista is only compatible with today’s computers.  That means that if you’re using a 4-year old motherboard and processor(like me), then you must also upgrade it to the latest ones like core 2 duo, quad, extreme or to quad core so that you can run it smoothly and buglessly.  Oh well, right, but for personal computers, I don’t think those processors are practical to use.  But then most end users just don’t care.  As long as it is the latest, they would grab it up.  Not thinking that they’re putting their hard-earned money to waste.

Okay, back to topic.  Windows Vista according to Microsoft people is created to change the whole image of Windows.  This operating system is more powerful and efficient when it comes to security and privacy, performance and reliability, deployment and servicing, management, instant search, smart organization, visualization, user experience, networking, mobility, collaboration and synchronization.  Well, this is in comparison to their previous platforms.

In Vista Enterprise Edition, the user can now encrypt their PCs local drives and all the files and data in them.  This is actually a built-in feature in Vista, which means that the user won’t need any third party software anymore if he needs to encrypt any of his files.  Vista’s security feature can also automatically disabled access to your network from infected PCs.

The 2007 Microsoft Office System has subtle improvements.  It adopted an XML-based file format for MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  There are live layout preview and image customization features for Word, and improved graphical and visual presentation for Excel and PowerPoint.  You can even save your word document as an HTML file(this one is really cool).

Anyways, I won’t discuss here their other application softwares for those are not of my concern anymore.  For those Microsoft fanatics out there(those mortals who buy genuine Microsoft stuffs), the company has launched a financing program which allows their clients to pay for  their products in installment basis.  Unfortunately, this program is for small and medium business only.

I guess this is a very long post already.  I’m too eager to end this bloody ramblings since I just bought a DVD copy of ISWAK 2.  I bought it at Colon this late afternoon and I’m super duper excited to watch it.   Hmmmn… I need to make a separate post about Colon Street in my next entry.   Hehehehe!  So long penguins!

N.B. I wrote this post also to give thanks to my friend and her fellow NgKhai organizers for the very delectable luncheon they served this noon.  Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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7 thoughts on “From Microsoft seminar to Asia’s oldest street, Colon

  1. I never knew you’d be this one hell of a nosebleed techy…:)
    Vista sucks, big time. Although, we don’t have quite some options but to switch to it since XP is being irradicated from the market.

    Btw, I linked you on my site. Nice meeting you at the CBS gang..=)


  2. I’m using Linux in the office and I’m very impresssed with the virus-free environment, the multiple desktop or workspace feature, and I find it convenient that all updates and most programs I need are found in the kernel. Ubuntu’s hardy heron even has a more impressive GUI than Vista if I might add. Despite that Ubuntu has no 24/7 customer service, they have a very supportive community and you can find solutions to your problems online. I guess the only downside with Linux is that there are not so many softwares that’s compatible with it, such as Photoshop for one. However a friend of mine said that there is this software called Wine that lets you run Windows program in any Unix system albeit I haven’t tried using it myself. 🙂

  3. I’m with you, but not all users are resourceful enough to go online and dig for answers…they prefer to just sit down and wait for customer support people to fix their problems.

    Ubuntu is definitely a great linux distros but most end users still prefer windows. It all boils down to which OS is more user-friendly.

  4. Linux is very user-friendly but since we have been acquainted with Microsoft from the moment we first touched a computer that’s why it may take us time to fully comprehend other OS. 🙂

  5. hmmmn…i get your point there…as end users we categorized user-friendly things as those ones we commonly use or see.

    so, does this mean that if we’ll educate people about the reliability of linux and make it more popular, then could it be categorized as user-friendly?

    anyways, maybe from your perspective linux is very user-friendly, but to others who don’t even know what an OS is, it’s the other way around. there are features of linux that cannot be easily grasp by common users. that’s why the ones who used this platforms are those people who are more techy especially developers and programmers who are not impressed with windows.

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