That day would definitely come. The date most of us seem to suppress in our subconcious minds. Others may find it very disgusting to talk about and would fail to see its significance. People may look at it on their own way of interpreting things. Picture it out on their own perspectives and draw conclusions that are mostly harbored from what their faiths made them to believe. A few would just shrugged it off and swore never to think of it again, for they see it as very frivolous and it is neither an alternative for any topics of discussions and the likes.

Death. Whilst the sound of it may frustrate anyone or some may find it horrible and lethal to discuss, a few are really contented just to hear the finality of the word that in an odd way it brings them infinite peace and serenity. Death. This word echoes floods of unanswered queries and made havoc to those searching minds who are in quest to find the mystery that lurks behind the aftermath of its finality. And for those who are courageous enough to face it’s fatal sweetness, its like a gift shrouded with unfathomable darkness. This is because they know that only those enlightened ones who braved themselves to venture the unknown can see its truest essence.

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