World Vision: Bring Her Back to School

Sponsor a child today, and make a life-changing difference.

Twelve year old Jenny lives in a very poor barangay in Northern Cebu. Her father is a seasonal farmer. Her mother works as a house helper in Cebu City leaving Jenny and other siblings with their father and grandmother.

As the eldest among four siblings, Jenny helps earn for the family by weaving abaca twines with her grandmother. For every 120-feet roll of abaca twine Jenny earns 4 pesos. Jenny can finish about 5 rolls a day for 20 pesos. With the high prices of food, Jenny’s daily effort is barely enough to buy a kilo of rice.

Despite there situation, Jenny is determined to finish school and become a nurse someday so that she can help her family rise out from poverty.

By Sponsoring a child like Jenny, you give poor Filipino children their only ticket out of poverty-education. Give Jenny, and other children like her, a chance to enjoy fullness of life.

WORLD VISION is keen on its aim to help Filipino children who may not have the chance to realize their dreams due to poverty.

For 50 years, World Vision has been helping children and their communities move from poverty to fullness of life, providing not only physical resources but also the hope and empowerment to take ownership of their future and continue a well improved life.

CHILD SPONSORSHIP is a way for you to make real and lasting difference for ONE precious boy or girl in need. It only takes P600 a month, or P20 a day (P7,200 annually) to make a difference in the life of one child.

Your regular contribution will be pooled together with other World Vision resources so that the children, families and communities may be provided the following:

  • access to education, good health and nutrition
  • values formation
  • child rights protection
  • enhanced children’s participation in decision-making
  • skills and leadership training, and
  • sustainable community development projects

For only P600 a month or P20 a day, you can help change a child’s life.

For more details, please call the Donor Service Hotline at 02-372-7777
or visit

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