A Big Applause to World Bloggers’ Day – Cebu Team

I would like to apologize for this very late thank-you post.  I was preoccupied with lots of stuff in the past few days that I only manage to update my blog today.

Last 2nd of May, World Bloggers’ Day 2011 was successfully celebrated by bloggers from around the world and I’m so proud to tell the whole blogosphere  that it was made possible through the efforts of World Bloggers’ Day – Cebu Team.  This team is composed of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. members who selflessly contributed their time in making the online and offline WBD events successful.

I would like to especially mention Bjorn Bernales, CBSi’s new VP for Content Management for his huge contribution on this project.  Without him, I can’t really tell if the event will be pushed through.  Organizing an event is a very tedious task and it’s very difficult to find people who will stick with you all the way.  Bjorn is responsible in scouting sponsors and he has also helped me in setting up the official World Bloggers’ Day website.

I’m so thankful and would love to work again with the following people in the next World Bloggers’ Day events to come.

Jim Villaflores – The one who is responsible for the overall World Bloggers’ Day designs – logos, banners, photo-wall, and the likes.  He’s the graphic artist behind World Bloggers’ Day 2010 & 2011.  The official WBD logo is his original design.  Jim is a very efficient person.  Though he’s busy with his work, he still manages to squeeze the designing task and can promptly implement changes at an admirable speed.  It’s definitely rare to find someone who can work wholeheartedly without expecting anything in return.

Michelle MaglasangMikyu is CBSi’s former VP for Content Management.  This little woman left a strong impression on me.  Despite being busy in school (she’s graduating from college during the event preparation), she still manages to insert WBD-related writing tasks in her schedule.  She’s very prompt in publishing and editing Press Releases.  She’s in-charged in proof-reading all the contents of the World Bloggers’ Day website.

Milafel Hope Dacanay – Lemski is one of the best writers in the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. family.  Aside from being the main Press Release writer for World Bloggers’ Day 2010 – 2011, she’s also the one who’s responsible in every PR article CBSi releases every time the organization has an upcoming event.  CBSi owes a lot from her.

Ken Michael JonGezelle Mae TapanganKen & Gezelle are CBSi’s newest members who took part in the preparation of World Bloggers’ Day 2011.  Both of them are in-charged in writing themed articles for the World Bloggers’ Day website.   Ken is the author of the article “The Roles of Blggers“.  On the other hand, Geezelle is the one who wrote the article about the history of blogging (unpublished).  Ken is the official event photographer during the actual World Bloggers’ Day – Cebu event.

Dr. Narciso Tapia – Dr. Buboy is the one in-charged in scouting for sponsorship and in the finalization of the World Bloggers’ Day Audio Visual Presentation – Offline and Online versions.  His WBD-Cebu event Invocation is really cool.  Attendees and speakers asked for a copy of the “Bloggers’ Prayer”.  Doc Buboy is a very meticulous person which is actually a blessing because he’s now the newly elected CBSi Auditor.

Ruben Rallos | Jaysee PingkianSir Ruben Rallos is the best graphic designer in the CBSi Family.  He’s the one responsible for the org’s ID design and has contributed his WBD-Philippines logo for World Bloggers’ Day 2011.  On the other hand, Jaysee has helped a lot on the graphics-related tasks in the last few events of the org.  At a very young age, Jaysee has a raw talent in web and graphic design.  He’s currently a member of the org’s Board of Trustees.

Ruben Licera – Sir Ruben is CBSi’s mentor and adviser.  He helps the WBD-Cebu event financially.  He’s the one who bought the hosting & domain service for wordlbloggersday.com and worldbloggers.org.  He also shouldered some of the expenses for the WBD-Cebu offline programme.  Though he’s not always present in every CBSi activity (he’s a very busy man), he always finds time to join major and important events of the organization. One thing I learned from him is that, we should not judge other people according to our standards or perspectives because we don’t have any ideas what they are going through.  Every individual has his own reason why he ch0oses to act indifferently and we have no right to bring him down just for the fact that our expectations towards him/her are not met.

Orville Tadle – The homegrown SEO guy of the CBSi family.  Despite his busy schedule he finds time to do some onsite optimization for the WBD website.  Thank you so much, Sir Orvz.  Orville is currently the head of Cebu SEO, an organization of SEO specialists all over Cebu.

Fleire Castro | Bert Padilla – Thank you so much, guys for the support.  Though you are originally tasked to scout for sponsors, I’m still thankful for the support you give for World Bloggers’ Day.  Thanks Fleire for encouraging the Illigan Bloggers to join WBD 2011.  Bert, we can work for a better WBD next year since we already have you as the VP for Committee on Ways & Means.

Mark Monta | Kevin Ray ChuaMark, CBSi founder and my WBD co-initiator; and Kevin, the newly elected CBSi president, are the ones in-charged in checking the venue set-up and logistics.  Mark’s natural leadership skills and amicability proves to be very useful in times of “crisis”.  Kevin, on the other hand, has extended his full support to WBD by promoting the event both offline and online.  The organization has high hopes for the next three years to come having him as the org’s leader.

I hope I didn’t miss any team members.  Anyway, I would like to congratulate Mr. Ronnell Padillo, CITs Supreme Student Council President, for a job well done. Despite the short notice, he managed to host the 5-hour World Bloggers’ Day program well.  Can’t imagine how the program would continue without his help.  Thank you so much, Nell.  You’re the best!

Also, before I will end this post, I would also want to thanks Mark Razonable for the effort he exerted during the offline registration process.  Thank you so much, Mr. Tambay.  Until next time. (:

In my next post, I will be posting some photos of the offline WBD events held in some key locations.  So long and happy blogging. (:

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14 Responses to A Big Applause to World Bloggers’ Day – Cebu Team

  1. It’s my pleasure to be part of the team. Congratulations once again Cebu Team!

  2. Mikyu says:

    glad to have helped! and thanx agnes for the biggest effort! 🙂

  3. Mr. Tambay says:

    Because of my job during WBD, dli na ko si Mr. Tambay, ako na si Mr. Registration! hahaha

    So glad to help Agnes! ^_^ Congrats Wonder Woman!

  4. Bjorn says:

    Will always do the job for CBSi.

    Now I need to do my job to make a living.

  5. Congratulations to all participants and bloggers for the success of the event. Cebu has also a great number of bloggers who contributed to promote Cebu and it’s beautiful places and properties.

  6. Welcome Agnes!

    CBSi will give out its best, under my leadership, to go beyond what we have achieved in the World Bloggers’ Day 2011. Together, we will be making the World Bloggers’ Day 2012 better, bigger and bolder! 😀

  7. […] team who are also the initiators and founders of other blogging events and organizations like World Bloggers’ Day, Bloggers’ Social Responsibility, Cebu Bloggers’ Society, Inc., Bjorn iMedia, and Blazin 100. […]

  8. Blake says:

    This is a great way to commemorate the greatest bloggers of our generation. Cheers to them! =)

  9. […] team who are also the initiators and founders of other blogging events and organizations like World Bloggers’ Day, Bloggers’ Social Responsibility, Cebu Bloggers’ Society, Inc., Bjorn iMedia, and Blazin 100. […]

  10. […] team who are also the initiators and founders of other blogging events and organizations like World Bloggers’ Day, Bloggers’ Social Responsibility, Cebu Bloggers’ Society, Inc., Bjorn iMedia, and Blazin 100. […]

  11. it is great way to commemorate the greatest bloggers of our generation, Congratulations once again Cebu Team!

  12. Rob Smith says:

    As a new blogger I get excited about anything thing that has to do with blogging!

  13. Stu says:

    Congrats to CEBU. I have to say that I am new to the blogging experience but show great interest in this community and will be keeping a close eye on future events surrounding the CEBU team, thanks

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