Cebu Bloggers Society for PBA 2009 Special Awards: Blogger’s Choice

In the end, my loyalty to CBS prevails.  At first, I hesitated doing this because of that little mess that happened a month ago.  But when I think of it now, it’s just like a tiny splat of mud that temporarily stirs the very still water.  Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., no matter what will happen, is still the only winner in my mind and heart.

CBS is very dear to me because of various personal and official reasons.  This is why I’m voting for it ( in the PBA’s Bloggers Choice Award.  In the near future, I am quite sure that CBS will not only become the leading bloggers group in Cebu, but also, will become the Philippines’ premiere blogging community.  This is because, as what Bimbo Cabochan said, “CBS is a very powerful group.”

CBS is the most organized blogging community in the country and has the highest number of active members compared to other blogging organizations outside of Cebu.  Unity, respect, humility, and camaraderie are the main components that bond the group together.  Being tagged as a “very bureaucratic” organization is definitely a compliment.  Arigatou ne!

About the Author Empress Of Drac

Empress often finds herself either lost inside her mind or lost in beautiful scenic places. She's currently doing the things she loves while maintaining a minimalist lifestyle. This blog is all about her journey in living a simple and contented life, her quest to see the world via budget traveling, and her love to share to people everything that she is passionate about.

She does not absolutely conform to any beliefs or philosophies. Though she's fascinated with minimalism and is currently embracing the minimalist lifestyle, she doesn't want to define her existence based on these realities alone. For her, life is too diverse, too colorful, too mysterious, it would be a waste of experience (and time) to imprison herself to a few sets of ideas. Google+ | Twitter

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6 Responses to Cebu Bloggers Society for PBA 2009 Special Awards: Blogger’s Choice

  1. caloi says:

    apil nya ko ani ^^

  2. Empress says:

    bantay lagi…hehe…

  3. Archie Manuel says:

    kudos to the Cebu Bloggers.

  4. Great post: concrete and straight-to-the-point.
    Cheers to CBS! 😉

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  6. Ernesto Latona says:

    I found your blog filled with great info.

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