Orange Brutus Defeated Fat Happy Bee

The mighty Brutus had just defeated the obese happy bee in a 24-hour long battle of wit, intelligence, and humor.  The fat happy bee surrendered and bowed never to challenge the aristocratic brute, and swore to stick to his business selling burger patties and sweet spaghetti.  LMAO!

Photo by Michael Sinjin Pineda

Cebu’s Orange Brutus, the home of the best sizzling burger steak and fresh fruit shakes, had invited 10 members of Cebu Bloggers Society to join their food tour activity last 19th of September, 2009.  This food tour aims to showcase their new budget meal products and their Christmas Papremyo promo.

I’ve been a silent patron of Orange Brutus since 2004.  In fact, I was a bit curious why there are more people who prefer Jolibee’s “stale” foods compared to Orange Brutus’ fresh and more affordable menus.  My list of favorite meals are their Lumpia Shanghai, Burger Steak, Chicken Brutus, and Brute Burger.  But, due to the scarcity of their outlets, especially in the vicinity of my workplace, I can’t visit their store more often.  Nevertheless, I still believe that when it comes to food quality and affordability, Orange Brutus has an edge compared to Jolibee.  (Jolibee’s massive advertisement campaign did make a big difference.)

Anyways, during our food tour activity, we met Mrs. Nina Kokseng – Misa, BFSI’s Executive Assistant.  She’s the one who entertained our questions and inquiries about Orange Brutus as a company.  Orange Brutus is a Cebu-based fast food chain restaurant that is managed by the Kokseng family.  The business is now in it’s 30 years of existence, and though the fast food market competition became tougher nowadays, Orange Brutus still has a stable influx of customers who are patrons to their salable products.  (There are still lots of people who can clearly distinguish quality from popularity.)

The Orange Brutus fast-food chain has a centralized management.  This means the absence of franchise owners and the likes.  The family who own the business is the one who run all it’s 20 outlets all over Cebu.  And, they are the one who manage their more than 200 employees in all their branches.  You can check the list of all their store outlets here.

For more information and details about Orange Brutus, you can visit their website.

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7 thoughts on “Orange Brutus Defeated Fat Happy Bee

  1. fan pud ko’g orange brutus. aw my family and i used to eat our snacks there k2ng manlaag pa mi together. i loved their sandwich, k2ng naai egg. wahaha. i forgot the name. i miss orange brutus. dugai na ku wla dha dah. hmmm. one of these days. 🙂

  2. Hello… Sorry but I really need to disagree about what you have said that Orange Brutus food are fresh, as what I have learned from the crew, most of their food are pre-cooked, and the service at Fuente Osmena branch is really bad. I just don’t know with the other branches, the management should check out on Fuente Osmena branch. After my experience tonight, I doubt if I would still visit orange Brutus again.

  3. I get really good service from Orange Brutus all the time. Maybe you were there during peak hour and they were very busy. It is no excuse but I would give them one more try. They are so nice to me and I go to different locations and they treat me the same way. Plus they have the best food that is why I like to eat there. Keep up the good work Orange Brutus!

  4. I love their sizzling burgersteak specially if we put some toppings like egg,it makes more tastier same with the grilled cheese.. but you have a supervisor who act unprofessional. yell the crew in front while that crew entertaining the customer, she’s so noisy, it happen many times,before she did that to a guy.he yell an, snobbish have you train your supervisor or people who are in a higher post to act as a professional? if there’s a mistake, do you need to yell them in front of the customer?or even that person entertaining customer? she cant focus. you must train them. we all have freewill and no one have the right to embarrass people even you are in the higher position. sole is her name as what i heard the crew talking when she leave the branch. i feel so pitty with that girl as your supervisor doin. the crew can file a case if she want coz she embarrass her in front of many people., im always at orange brutus, liking place so neat but dislike the girl so noisy, the postion she has dont fit to her. all happens near in cbh.

  5. i saw her also in elizabeth mall considering the crew wearing upper uniform mix with the colored t-shirt, is there any favoritism??? find it out to your crews.

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