Balamban Liempo, Cebu’s Tastiest

Balamban Liempo

Bursting with that succulent flavor which distinctively pleases the tongue of every picky meat lover, Balamban Liempo is definitely Cebu’s tastiest liempo.  Juicy and flavorful grilled meat seasoned with local herbs and cooked to perfection, Balamban Liempo is definitely a Cebuano dish I can recommend to everyone.

Balamban Liempo Food Corner was established on July 2009 by native Cebuano couple, Jojo and Honey Vergara.  Both are from Abucayan, Balamban.  For those people who don’t know, Balamban is a farming and fishing municipality in South Cebu known for their ship building industry.

Jojo and Honey were inspired by Balamban’s method of grilling liempo using several local herbs and secret ingredients.  They first set up their business at Jojo’s father’s residence in Mabolo, Cebu.  Their first customers are the people in their neighborhood who spread the news to the locals about the newest dish in town.

Just recently, they opened their second branch in Salinas Drive, Lahug.  For this opening, they invited 12 members of the Cebu Bloggers Society to check their product and make an objective review about it.  And,  my verdict is…

Well, as what I said in the very first paragraph of this post, Balamban Liempo is definitely very tasty.  Well-cooked meat and heavenly crunchy skin dipped in a special local vinegar would make you crave for more.  The liempo is very meaty, no extra fatties.  If you have tried CnT’s lechon, then the quality of taste is in the same level.  The only difference is, you can buy a whole piece of liempo for only Php 160, and that’s already good for 4-5 persons.  It’s great for barkada, office, or family dining.

Balamban Liempo Food Corner has also opened their 3rd branch in Hi-way, Mandaue.  They aim to open five stores by the end of 2009 and 10 stores by 2010.  For orders and inquiries you can contact 09226205921, 09285022605, or 4158592 and look for Mr. Jojo Vergara or Mr. Gaylord Tingzon.

Reference: Balamban Liempo Profile

Photo Credits: Cebu Classifieds (I tried to search for its link, but can’t find it ):), Mark Tan, Prince

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  2. Avatar Nakisha

    I appreciate your post. I’m happy Google pointed me to it. I was able to get the data I was searching so badly for days now. Thanks once again for your remarkable post.

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  4. Avatar guen

    Bai, you know what this Balamban Liempo is not the original liempo you taste in Balamban. I heard that the owner of those franchise was an avid customer before in Balamban’s original liempo. And wala jud cla nag branch out dri sa city.

  5. Avatar elixir

    Anyone that came from Balamban knows that these couple only stole the business of Bebot Mapa.. ang ilang liempo wala ra na sa lami sa original liempo ni bebot..sila ang nadato sa pag gamit sa name ni Mapa..gabaan ra mo!

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