Ichi the Killer

Is a slasher-gore film from the famous Japanese director Takashi Miike.  This 128-minute movie is full of bizarre body dismemberment, extreme tortures, and mind-boggling out of this world brutal imagery.  From those very sick rape-boiled with sadism scenes, puke provoking piss infected jungles, crazy-funny “Ichi” moments to those insane one-manned massacre carnage…

You might think that I sooo love this flick, but not really.  I just kinda like it because of the high gore content and the fact that it’s Takashi Miike’s work. The main reason that made me a little disappointed is the slow-paced dialogue and how Kakihara (the main protagonist) died.  They should have lengthened the fighting scene in the very last part.

The story is actually adapted from Hideo Yamamoto‘s cult manga Koroshiya 1.  It started when Don Anjo, a Yakuza leader, mysteriously disappeared.  Because of this incident his right hand, Kakihara, vowed to find those people who abducted their boss.  At the end, it turned out that Don Anjo was killed by Ichi under the gauging and manipulation of Jijii (a very mysterious character that put Ichi in post-hypnosis and feeding him false memories).

Ichi’s past is actually very shadowy.  Jijii made him believe that he was being bullied in school and he should kill all the bullies in order to avenge himself. He also knew that he had killed his parents and he failed to rescue his female friend who was raped by those people who bullied him.  Ichi doesn’t have a mind of his own and he’s just like a string puppet controlled and played by Jijii.

Hmmmn…I give this gory flick 7 out of 10 stars.

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8 Responses to Ichi the Killer

  1. lemski says:

    Love, love, love this! Have you seen Ran and Versus?

  2. empressofdrac says:

    Gore movie sad na, lems?

  3. lemski says:

    Versus is, pero mas gore jud ang Itchi kaysa niya.. Ran is based on King Lear, a very long movie, pero entertaining nonetheless.

  4. Shala says:

    aha god i love this movie so much >.<

  5. Empress says:


    hmmmn…mao ba…etry lang nya nako ug check…wala na jud ko kawatch ug movies these days aist…super busssy…hehe..

  6. lemski says:

    I haven’t either.. bitaw.. makamingaw sad tan-aw og laing salida. hehe

  7. gore film says:

    […] … Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website. Arizona Underground Film …Ichi the Killer | EMPRESSOFDRAC.COM, A Media BlogIs a slasher-gore film from the famous Japanese director Takashi Miike. This 128-minute movie is […]

  8. fetus says:

    i read the manga and saw the movie, i’d go for the movie’s ending. 🙂 this is a gory film that i don’t feel puking, unlike the western’s concept of gory films like saw which i can’t stomach.

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