Summer is officially over!

And I immensely enjoyed the season sooo much! Whew! Today is the 1st of June and I just made the toughest decision ever. I hope this is the best thing to do and I hope that there would be no regrets.

I just discovered that having lots of alternatives is not easy at all. It’s so hard to choose from lots of great choices. It’s not easy to choose specially when all the choices are dearest to your heart. But then, at the end one should make one. And that is what I just did. It is really scary because every decision you’ll make has it’s own consequences. And most mortals are afraid to commit mistakes and so do I. But as what my favorite philosopher said…

“There are no mistakes! Events that we bring to ourselves, no matter how unpleasant are necessary to learn life; whatever steps we take, they are necessary to reach the peak we want to go.”

And I know that Osho is definitely right and I’m forever thankful to all his teachings for they serve as guides in my everyday life. Anyways, here are few pics last 17th and 18th of May during our Forum outing. More pics can be found in my friendster account.

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