Goodbye ITSOAI…

LOL! ITSOAI means In the Sarcophagus of an Immortal, my blogsite in blogger. I just switched here in wordpress first day of this week. I have to do some link exchanges because my blogroll is kinda empty…ahehehe. Anyways, it’s time to keep the ball rolling…

I just spent 8 hours watching Supernatural. Deathgod lent me a dvd for
the first season which is consist of 23 episodes. I watched episodes 1 to 3 three days ago and continue watching episodes 4-17 until today. I had actually seen season 2 last all saints and souls days. I only managed to watch episodes 1 to 14. And the verdict is? Hmmmn…not that bad. I mean it’s the same with any other supernatural series like Charmed, Buffy, and the likes. The differences are the characters and the twists of events in the story. On the other hand, I’m shamelessly smitten by Dean (the older leading character), ahehehe…

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