I miss Philo…

This is the second time that I met a teacher who is so passionate, and very devoted to his profession. The first time was when I was in highschool, and it was Mr. Candano, my English teacher. Now, it’s prof. Espiritu, my Philo teacher.

Prof. Espiritu in white long sleeves

Prof. Espiritu in white long sleeves

The common ground of these two fellows, is they see to it that every person would feel special every time they’re around. These kind of people are so rare to find and so precious to lose. Anyways, here are photos of my Philo class last semester…

Thats me in stripes(:

That’s me in stripes(:

This afternoon, as I went to Sir Espiritu’s table in the faculty room to let him sign my AdMat form for Philo 171, I was actually surprised he still remembers my fondness of Osho, and he told me to look for Osho’s lecture in YouTube. I hope to meet more people like him…just wishful thinking. (:

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31 thoughts on “I miss Philo…

  1. I think the one in the picture is Prof. Henry Espiritu. I met Prof. Espiritu in Q.C. Alternative Class (New Age) when he lectured about Islamic Mysticism. I remember he talked about the spiritual dancing gypsys of Turkey. My God…he was well prepared; Turkish music, visuals, carpets, and incense smells, and that sorts. His discussion was really very interesting and it touched my heart at his availability, his deep sense of openness, his craziness and enthusiasm that was very contagious coz he give all he knew about the topic. He really delivered a show! And I thought I am going to become a dancing gypsy too. I cannot forget when he said; “life is a dance…it is your very own dance…you can watch and envy the beautiful dances of others but what do you get from that? Stupid! Dance to your own heart’s content before the music finally stops!”….His words slap me real hard, and I came to my senses. I need to love my own dance because my dance is “my life”. His words especially when he said “Stupid!!!” was my awakening. Because when he said it, he looks at me even though there were many audience in that big room and he doesnt knew me. 🙂

  2. yeah, you’re right…he actually took his PhD in Ateneo. his fondness of gypsies…i can attest to that…it’s because he’s deeply in love with the Indian Culture…(original gypsies are indians)…I actually learn to appreciate indian literature because of him…

  3. I also met him. I heard him lecture in Ateneo de Zamboanga on Muslim-Christian Dialogue two months ago. He knows very well about Islam and Christianity. He also answered my questions about Catholic practices very well.

  4. i met him in istanbul two or three years ago if i am ryt and i like him very much coz he knew also about Rumi, my favorite turk muslim saint. I liked him becoz he knows so much about our muslim saints. We were in one conference and he was so knowledgeable of his subject and he has so much humour when he discuss and friendly also.

  5. @naushadtahiri

    Do you mean Rajneesh Osho or Prof. Espiritu?

    Prof. Espiritu is a Muslim convert. He’s actually the one who convinced me how great Islam religion is.

  6. he is kind particularly to fine arts students. he will let them pass if they attend always and show interest in class and make life-philo. he finds fine arts pipol deep. glad im fine arts nakapasar sad ko

  7. fine arts ko nabagsak jud ko sa iya class. gtagaan ko niya chance but cge man jud absent bagsak ko. ang uban fine arts bisan singko exams basta perfect atendans pasar cla ug 3 grado nila. advice nako sa fine arts kai attend lang jud class unya raise question lang kai bisan nonesense question hatagan ni sir espiritu philosopical answer hehehe

  8. Its good that you featured our good friend Prof Henry Espiritu in this web. He is always very helpful to us in all our education work here in the Philippines. We in the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement are working very hard to teach the true and peaceful and tolerant doctrines of Islam in Mindanao and Prof. Henry Espiritu is always our terrific speaker on the true teachings of Islam and he is also helping in organizing conferences regarding the peaceful teachings of Islam when we come to the Philippines twice yearly. May God bless him for all his good work in propagating what Islam truly teaches. Thank you.

  9. How do we get in touch with him? We want to invite him to lecture about Islam or Sufism. Does he have blog? I am just asking.

  10. attended conference on postmodernism and socsci teaching technics in UP cebu last may 3-5. I heard sir henry espiritu speak well about postmodernism. natuwa ako kasi meron pala ethics ang postmodernism kaya lang ito ay open at emotive di tulad ng ethics nila kant at sa church na dogmatic tsaka legalistic. isip ko kasi walang ethics ang postmodernism pero meron pala at ito ay ang pagiging sensitibo sa damdamin ng iba at di judgmental. ngayon akoy postmoden na outlook ko. marami tlga akong natutunan sa kanya

  11. wow… under ko ni sir henry espiritu ron. next weeks metaphysics part idiscuss niya but he told us to just relax. he explains well man sab.

  12. I originally wanted to be a philo-professor being a Philosophy and Letters major. But as my world turned with many surprises, I ended up as professor of advertising.

  13. Fantastic! Well, i also took philo at up cebu yr.2008 under the mighty disciplining of sir henry espiritu. Philo is life and if you love philo, it means you love life. Philo also changed my life for the good but i like nietzche more than the sentimental kierkegaard. but of course you must appreciate kierkegaard coz existentialism began with him. kant without knowing it, according to sir, unknowingly was the grandfather of existentialism by his maxim on not using others. go on to life and philo will pave the way..

  14. I like his class. I was his student way back school year 2002 and I loved Kierkegaard and he is the only one I remember in Philo. Kant is nice but killjoy. And I like also the Parable of the Pink Elephant. Some have forgotten it but I didnt.

  15. oh well, fortunately and unfortunately, he was my professor for several political science classes. he is so good that I never failed him in his evaluations at the end of every semester. i can remember the days when i had two major polsci subjects under him in one semester, and the thesis statements for the oral recitations would make you go gaga! anyhow, you would never find any teacher as intelligent, passionate and generous as he is. 😀

  16. we miss you sir. philo was not the same subject if you were not our prof. kudos sir. we miss philo, we miss hopia and more than anything else we miss sir henry’s class. every day is a discovery.

  17. you know i happen to overhear sir henry espiritu’s lecture on the twilight of metaphysica of morality jaz this june and in this lecture of his he was very clear in his explaination that although sir is a strong believer in allah god yet he grants that everyone can live ethical life even if one does not adhere about belief in gods. Sir espirtitu said that it is indeed very sad that some biased religious ppl would assert that atheists have no ethics coz ethics is founded in god. he made differentiations of morality and religion against ethics and he said that one should tolerate on the other’s differences bcz one cannot legislate the ethical and one can only discuss and negotiate about ethics and not be like church scolasticism who makes ethics as if they are alwys right. i was enlightened by sir when i attend this speech of sir to cebu atheists even if sir said he believes in god yet he agreed to be speaker in this atheist forum. this shows Sir espiritu’s open minded atitude about everyone even he disagrees with their views.

  18. Dedication and strictness are his super doper qualities but caring of his students like his children is also his strongest point. You must study or else you can’t answer his exams but he gives you chance to pass. He is very strict in attendance and tardiness but will let you pass for sure if you follow minimum requirement and submit projects before deadline but you must get perfect attendance.

  19. The best teacher for one of my best subject in college. Nerbyoson lang jud ta ani ni Sir kay tawagon man jud kag recite. Kasab-an ka kun sigeg absent. Kasab-an ka ug sali sab kag late late. But very kind man na si Sir Henry. Maduol jud and kind outside class. Gipapasar ko ug gitagaan kog chance. Instrikto lang jud sa sulod sa klase.

  20. My philosophy teacher in UST is not as good as you cause inhave not wxperience the same enthusiasm as what i have read.Hope i’ve been under your class to feel the same.But just rhe same feel happy to know a professor even by your name only.

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