Hi there! Thanks for checking out the photo gallery page. The photos displayed in here are mostly personal ones.

Latest update:

Secret Interisland Travel…(Date added:03-22-2009)
Bored Retards…(Date added:01-31-2009)
Seattle’s Best…(Date added:01-31-2009)
La Marea…(Date added:01-25-2009)
Sinulog Night…(Date added:01-19-2009)
Pre Sinulog Walk Outs…(Date added:01-17-2009)
Random Friends Photos…(Date added:01-17-2009)
Happy Beerday Wentdee…(Date added:01-11-2009)
New Year with the Fockers…(Date added:01-11-2009)
Year End Gastronic Crimes…(Date added:12-30-2008)
Year End Histrionic Attack…(Date added:12-30-2008)
Meme Disneyland…(Date added:12-30-2008)
Monkey Networks Xmas…(Date added:12-29-2008;Credits: Soulmate)
CBS Xmas Farty…(Date added: 12-15-2008; Credits: X, Vanjahnn)
So Long My Love…(Date added: 12-03-2008)
US Election Watch 2008 3…(Date added: 11-08-2008)
US Election Watch 2008 2…(Date added: 11-07-2008)
US Election Watch 2008…(Date added: 11-05-2008)
VN Funny Halloween…(Date added: 11-04-2008)
VN Funny Halloween 2…(Date added: 11-04-2008)
DYAB Guesting…(Date added: 11-03-2008)
Tarot Reading with CPS…(Date added: 10-29-2008)
Digital Filipino Club and Bloggers Fellowship Night …(Date added: 10-25-2008)
Weekend at Sogo…you figure this out yourself…hehehe!(Date added: 09-22-08)

Second Batch
Toledo are photos last 2006 during Irish’s birthday. Sikolohistas are random pics of psych block mates and friends. Sea Front are photos from last May’s family outing in Liloan. Parklane are photos at Parklane International Hotel, Cebu, during Inday Tintin’s oathtaking as a new CPA. Cebu Bloggers Society are random photos from the group’s meet ups. And Bantayan Island are photos from last June’s island get-away with deathgod’s officemates.

First Batch
Folders 2008 and 2007 are images from my blog posts since I switched from blogger to wordpress last November of 2007. The Sinulog folder contains a few photos with my friends last January of 2008. The Retardistas folder are campus photos with my block mates and friends. Photo manips are photos I edited with photoshop. The Otaku Feast folder are composed of pictures from last February’s First Otaku Festival, held at UP Grounds Cebu. Irish Wedding are photos from my friend’s wedding last August of 2008. Immoralistas are photos from our forum’s outing last May of 2008. Experiment are photos from our human experimentation days, exclusively shoot at the psych lab. Crazy Day are photos from UP’s annual Crazy Day celebration. Companya Bomba are all company related photos, and Cam Putas are photos with my close friends. Enjoy browsing and please don’t forget to leave a comment.