7 Important Lessons You Can Learn From Burglars

Everyone wants to feel safe and secured right in their home. After all, your home is your territory and sanctuary. But the thing is, whether you like it or not, burglaries happen even to the best of us. In fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI said that 74.5% of burglary cases in 2011 took place in residential properties.

In times like these, burglaries are no longer a question of “if” but of “when.” Anyone’s home can now easily become a target for crooks lurking around. But the good news is, you don’t have to become and remain a victim. There are important lessons you can learn from burglars so you can burglar-proof your home. From making the most of your home security system to taking the best precautions, here are 7 things you can learn from burglars.


Always Keep Entry Ways Closed


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This may be one of the most repeated home security tips, even to the point of it already becoming a cliché. However, it can be flabbergasting how a lot of people still do not secure their doors and windows. Remember this: burglars thrive on opportunities. Leaving an entry way open is much like giving them a compelling invitation to your home.

Make sure that your doors and windows remain closed. Also, double check everything so that these entry ways cannot be easily opened by unwanted visitors. Have the necessary repairs done as soon as possible. Reinforce your entry ways by putting deadbolts and window sensors in place. These may seem basic for some people, but you simply cannot afford to take this for granted if you want to keep unlawful entries at bay.


Don’t Make Your Home Scream “The Homeowners Are Away”

There could be nothing more perfect for burglars than a home without its homeowner. This is why burglaries often happen not in the dead of the night, but during day time when people go to work and school. Homeowners who are on vacation are also at a high risk of returning to a burglarized home.

Never, ever give the idea that no one’s home. If you have a home security system like the Honeywell security alarm, make the best use of it by automating your home. With home automation, you can remotely control your lights and shades so you can make it appear that someone’s home.

It also does not hurt that home automation is a great way to achieve a sustainable home. This is not just one of the most cutting-edge home security trends — it is a significant shift given that sustainability is gaining ground.


Don’t Show Off Your Belongings

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Aside from an empty house, burglars are drawn to homes with lots of goodies to loot. After all, most burglars are motivated by the fast money they get from stealing.

Protect your valuables as well as your hard-earned cash from these scheming people. If you are buying big-ticket items like as gadgets and appliances, you better cut the boxes up before disposing them. Do not leave your windows bare. Invest in blinds and curtains that are thick enough to protect your privacy.

Try to refrain from posting too much information on your social media accounts. You’ll never know who can see your posts and it is always better to be safe than sorry.


Protect Your Electronic Data


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More than the belongings that you’ll lose in burglaries, there is the risk of a greater problem: identity theft. With your gadgets in the wrong hands, devious thieves can maximize their yield by accessing your information — social security number, credit card details, confidential files, you name it.

Outsmart them by protecting your data in advance. Think of complex passwords to secure your cellphone and laptop. Sync your data in cloud services where you can remove the stolen gadgets. Use location trackers. Jot down your gadgets’ IMEI number so you can report the incidence and have the gadget barred.

With burglaries already being a traumatizing event, the last thing you’ll ever want is to deal with identity theft and fraudulent activities.


Avoid Confrontations


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All burglars want is your belongings — as simple as that. While there are odd news stories of burglars eating in their victims’ homes, burglars in general are not eager to see any of the homeowners. They just want to take as much as they can without being caught and apprehended.

When caught, burglars can snap and shift to an offensive mode in just a few seconds. This is critical as you and your loved ones are at a high risk of being hurt. As soon as you notice something’s off, tread with extra care and escape safely. Contact the police as they are the ones more equipped to handle these situations.


Leave No Room For Burglars To Hide In

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Knowing how to think like an intruder brings important lessons you can learn from burglars. Be one step ahead and reinforce your home security system based on this knowledge. Take a look at your home premises. Evaluate where and how intruders will get into your home without being caught.

Once you have surveyed your front and backyard, you will see that overgrown bushes and trees make an ideal hiding spot for these unwanted guests. Trimming these plants regularly will not only make your premises more attractive, but it will also discourage intruders.

Also, if outsiders cannot see what happens in your yard because of your opaque gate, you might want a see-through fence that will expose burglars. Again, burglars operate on an incognito mode so you better give them a hard time hiding in your yard.

It is a fact across America that burglaries happen and disrupt one’s peace of mind. More than taking away your valuables, burglars rob you of a sense of security that you should enjoy in your own home. Fortunately, you can finally outsmart them in their game with these 7 things you can learn from burglars. Keep in mind that knowledge is power and this is especially true when you are dealing with these bad guys.

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