My First Helmet Diving #Boracay2013

DON’T do Helmet Diving if you have ear and heart problems.  Also, if you have high blood pressure, you are not allowed to do it as it be very risky.

I apologize if I need to emphasize those serious health risks in this blog post.  I was quite unaware of them myself before we arrived in the diving site.  My mother who has high blood pressure was out-rightly prohibited when the diving instructors knew her condition.  Min0tte, on the other hand, tried to dive but she gave up because she experienced unbearable pain in her ears (caused by the pressure from the tank) when she was hoisted down.

The Fun Part

 The great part is the exhilarating experience when you walk underwater, see and feed a colorful school of fishes, and just be awed on how great it is to breathe down there.  See photos below if the video above is not working.




How Much It Cost?

Helmet Diving is one of least expensive activities in Boracay.  We paid Php350.00 per head for 40 minutes.  I managed to get a lesser rate by scouting for prizes first.  The first agent who I met offered Php450.  Note that rates/prizes vary a lot.  If you are a foreigner then the prize is 500% higher.  Frugal Tip: You can haggle for lesser rate if you are in a group of 10 or more.  The more people you are with, the higher chance of getting an affordable rate.

Is it Worth the Cost and Risks?

It’s really worth it but this kind of activity is better done in diving sites with lots of corals and marine sceneries.  If you haven’t tried it yet, be warned that the helmet weigh 25 kilos (but this won’t be a problem anymore once you are underwater) .  Also, you should know how to equalize your breathing when you are hoisted down.  You’ll also experience an initial pain (due to the tank’s pressure) while you are going down to the ocean floor.

I highly recommend this activity to groups as it is more fun feeding fishes together with lots of people around you.  It’s actually unfortunate that Mama and MinOtte weren’t able to join us.  But, nevertheless, it was really a very memorable and fun experience. (:

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6 thoughts on “My First Helmet Diving #Boracay2013

  1. Nice! 🙂 I want to travel there and the try Helmet Diving in Boracay.

    I am currently tied up with my work. I will free up my schedule and try that Helmet Diving.

    Thanks for the Post.

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!
    What an adventure It will be if I would have been there ever.
    I would discuss this along with my friends & my colleagues as well so that they can interact with their close-fellows.
    Thanks for the sharing & kindly keep posting ever such a knowledgeable article with us.

  3. Looking you’re diving there make me want to try as well 🙂 It’s so excited, maybe accompanied by more people will be more excited. but I wonder, haven’t you catch a cold cuz you’re diving with open body for 40 minutes?

  4. beiieve it or not.. many people from my country Indonesia who live in the beach. they don’t need use helmet. the y can dive so deeply in the see. really amazing 🙂 but I think for people like me. absolutely need helmet. if can’t it’s too risk 🙂

  5. Nice! 🙂 I want to travel there and the try Helmet Diving in Boracay.
    I am currently tied up with my work. I will free up my schedule and try that Helmet Diving.

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