10 Frugal Tips to Save Money in Shopping For Your Food Storage

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While food storage is something you know you need, it isn’t always that easy. If you are on a budget, the cost of prepackaged foods can be insanely costly and it might be tough to imagine buying enough for 3 months, let alone a year. The trick is to save money wherever you can.

Shop Online

Internet stores frequently have better deals because they don’t have the overhead costs of a brick and mortar store, so check prices both online and off. Shopping online also eliminates a lot of impulse buys that might occur in a supermarket.

Buy in Bulk

Most times, you can save quite a bit of cash by simply purchasing more of an item. You can frequently get wholesale prices by purchasing a certain amount.

Get Free Shipping

If you are shopping online, you should never pay for shipping, particularly if you are buying in bulk. Don’t meet the minimum purchase limit? Find someone to split the order with you.

Use Coupons

This tip is so obvious; it almost doesn’t belong on this list. However, there are some tricks to using coupons that can save you even more, so find out if you can use coupons during sales or stack coupons (use more than one on a single purchase) to get products for free or very low prices.

Buy What You Eat

There’s not much point in purchasing something on sale if you’ll never eat it. Remember that food needs to be rotated out of storage as the expiration date nears, so if you don’t eat it, you’ll end up throwing it away and wasting money.

Get Food That Lasts

Opting for freeze dried food allows for up to 25 years of storage, so you don’t have to rotate it out very often at all. This eliminates the need to purchase food for storage on a regular basis and saves money.

Buy Whole Foods

Processed foods often cost more because of the processing. If you purchase staples like rice, oatmeal and grain, it will not only provide more nutrition, but offers some savings, as well.

Shop Sales

Most stores have specific times of year when they offer items for sale. These are usually on rotation, every 3-6 months. Buy a few extras next time products you need are on sale to add to the food storage.

Preserve Your Own Food

If there’s a deal to be had on fresh peaches, that can benefit your food storage, provided you know how to preserve it. Canning, freezing and drying are all methods of adding fresh foods to your storage. In season, you should be able to buy and preserve your own fruits and vegetables for less than the commercially tinned items.

Buy Ingredients, Not Meals

While full meals are handy to have on hand, you can save more if you get the individual ingredients and create your own meals later. You’ll also have more flexibility.

Food storage doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Work slowly and with a plan and you can get everything you need for less.

For more information on saving money with food storage, check out foodinsurance.com or connect with food insurance on Twitter and Facebook for more tips.

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13 thoughts on “10 Frugal Tips to Save Money in Shopping For Your Food Storage

  1. LOVE this! I’m a big fan of coupons – some times you don’t even have to print them out. If you have them on your smartphone and can show them to the staff, they still count! Great article!

  2. I think saving money is a common problem to all of us, we all keep making plans but never work on them. I would like to add that it is ‘us’ who don’t want to save and keep on giving in to our temptations to buy more. We think that we can try saving next time onwards, which never comes. Hopefully this post of yours will help someone save some money. Thanks for sharing the post.

  3. Shopping online saves a lot money. The products available in the online store are much cheaper and usually have a big discount on them. We can choose to shop from an online website that provides free shipping as well.

  4. I agree with you Agnes, we can save a lot of money on food provided we do a bit of thinking and planning. I personally am against tinned food, not only because it is expensive but also because of the nutrition content of the food. Seems like we buy less nutritious food but pay extra for it, does not make any sense to me.

  5. I agree, buying online saves so much money and when the website offers you free shipping, it is like a happy ending to the shopping story. We can save a lot of money on travelling to the market, wasting time wandering here and there in search of the things we need and also pay for carrying it home.

  6. I love to shop online and get the opportunity to purchase from all over the world!
    Saves me both time and money and in todays world simply could not live without it!

  7. Woah! You have covered almost all the points here. I would like to add one more point here: “Start small”- means don’t try to buy everything at once. That can be quite expensive, and bust your budget. Instead, buy 2 or 3 items for your food storage each week. Buy only necessary things and budget it in as part of your grocery shopping. Great post!

  8. Many times when we purchase food products in bulk, we receive good discounts on them. If not discounts, many other offers are available on the products that fetch us various free gifts or products. This is a good way to save money on food items.

  9. Some really good money saving tips. When I go for shopping to buy some essential stuff, I end up buying something else which is not in my purchase list, I onlu buy because of some money saving offers, which later I realize it is not worth.

  10. Using coupons to buy food stuff seems like a good idea. I have seen many people doing that recently. It definitely saves a lot of money. Saving money on food stuff is otherwise also very easy because we can avail discounts when buying in bulk.

  11. Shopping online obviously saves a lot money & plus we get some offers too. Shopping in super markets, the problem is they put discounts on unneccessary things, which I forcefully buy. You have shared some good tips, thanks a ton.

  12. These are some really fascinating points covered by you! Saving money on food storage is something I am planning to focus on. Making use of free shipping is good but sometimes I feel so annoyed when they put on additional charges as well as shipping charges on things which is very urgent for me to buy. Nevertheless, you have covered good collection of points! Thanks for the share!

  13. Wow, I have to give you a huge thanks for such phenomenal tips when it comes to saving money on shopping — it really hits home on the subject of how people, such as myself, are not too keen on savings these days.

    I have to admit, I’m guilty of not doing nine out of ten things from the list provided; all I do is buy in bulk.

    I’ll definitely be bookmarking this one for when it comes time for grocery shopping again.

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