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The Philippines is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular medical tourism destinations. People from around the globe head to the archipelago each year to undergo a wide range of treatments. Plastic surgery abroad, particularly in the Philippines, is all the rage now due to the world class medical facilities, the highly skilled cosmetic surgeons, and the low prices of procedures. In addition, many people want to combine their treatment with a holiday on the beautiful islands in the Philippines.

Who Gets Plastic Surgery in the Philippines?

There are many different types of people who opt to undergo plastic surgery in the Philippines. Some people simply do not like the way their body or face looks and they are seeking to enhance their beauty. Others have low self esteem or a negative body image and they want an extra boost of confidence. Yet others are born with birth defects which they would like to alter or remove. Regardless of the reason, these people look to the credible doctors in the Philippines to safely change their appearance for the better.

World Class Medical Facilities

The Philippines has numerous medical facilities that meet and surpass high standards in other countries. Many have state-of-the-art medical equipment and advanced research centers that use the latest technology. Some clinics include private recovery rooms for patients with all the amenities of a hotel room or apartment. Other facilities are located within steps of white sandy beaches, making the recovery period that much more pleasant. Some plastic surgery clinics even offer video conferencing so clients can have consultations with doctors without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Highly Skilled Physicians

Many of the surgeons in the Philippines train overseas and come back to their native country to set up private clinics or work in established medical centers. This means they have the same skill sets that a doctor in a highly developed country would have. The popularity of plastic surgery in the Philippines means that surgeons have plenty of experience working with all types of patients. Furthermore, most doctors from the Philippines speak English very well, so it is easy to communicate your wishes and concerns with your surgeon.

Low Prices

Plastic surgery procedures in the Philippines are incredibly cheap compared to the costs in other countries. The reason for this is that the cost of living in the Philippines is low. Rent, infrastructure, and supplies are a fraction of the cost that they are in countries such as Canada, the USA, Australia, and the UK. For example, a face lift in the United States costs between USD $7000 to $9000, whereas in the Philippines the fees range from just USD $1,800 to $4,700. Even with the cost of the plane ticket and accommodation, this equates to huge savings.

Combining Treatment With a Holiday

The Philippines is renowned for its beautiful beaches, stunning mountain ranges, vibrant culture, and friendly people. It is one of the top vacation destinations in Southeast Asia. Many people choose the Philippines for plastic surgery so that they can combine their medical procedure with a holiday. Some people opt to recover in one of the many beachside resorts, while others go diving, trekking, or simply relax in a luxurious spa. It is easy to travel around the Philippines as many people speak English fluently, and public transport is cheap and efficient.

The Advantages of Plastic Surgery in the Philippines

There are many benefits to choosing the Philippines for your plastic surgery procedure. For one, it is discreet. You can simply book a vacation and return home looking younger and rejuvenated, and no one will be the wiser. In addition, the facilities and doctors rival some of the best in the world. You will be getting the same care and professionalism as you would in your home country. Finally, you can take advantage of the beauty of the Philippines while you are there. Rather than simply booking a surgical procedure and returning home to recover, you can take the time to travel amongst some of the most stunning islands in the world.

The Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery in the Philippines

While there are many benefits of undergoing plastic surgery in the Philippines, there are also some precautions to take. In the Philippines any licensed doctor can perform surgery. This means you need to be careful when choosing a doctor or a clinic. Be sure to research accredited and experienced surgeons. Look for educational qualifications, experience, and recommendations from other patients. Ask questions to ascertain whether the clinic maintains high professional standards, and be sure that the surgeon your choose is highly trained.

There are many reasons why millions of people choose clinics in the Philippines for their plastic surgery needs. From facelifts to breast augmentation to reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery procedures in the Philippines are a fraction of the cost that they would be in other countries. In addition, the quality of care and advanced technology mean that you get the same standards you would at home, if not higher. Moreover, the beauty of the Philippines is the perfect backdrop for your new and improved look.

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12 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery In The Philippines

  1. Don’t know if I could get my self under the knife no matter how bad i look! But for the beauty enhancing enthusiasts Philippines will be the destination where their search for the plastic surgery stops. Primarily the people in the show biz will find this task necessary but otherwise people are a little skeptical for a beautification.

  2. I think that its a really wonderful initiative of the Philippine government to promote medical tourism. I agree that the Philippines has world class medical facilities and reputable doctors. I think that it’s more important to look for the best doctor in town (with a competitive price of course)because after all, it is your body. For more information about plastic surgeons in the Philippines, visit

  3. This has become very popular in our country nowadays. People also have become more open to it. Some procedures are not as expensive as before when it was just starting. We also have great doctors.

  4. Great post, Agnes. I agree that the Philippines boasts the best cosmetic surgeons. Knowing that cosmetic surgeons would capitalize on furthering their knowledge in cosmetic surgery by acquiring mastery of the craft outside our country to get the best quality of education and latest development in the field is just incomparable. Also, the association of cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines are very supportive of each members, one of the reasons why the industry keeps on booming. The Philippines also have tons of good places to have the best recovery at. From a nurses’ standpoint, I must say that you’ve done your research well and presented an unbiased picture of how cosmetic surgery and medical tourism is enforced in our country.

  5. I’m considering Cosmetic Surgery and going to philliphines in may but i’m not sure which surgeon to use, how do you pick good surgeon for the work!! I don’t wish to be one of the horror stories you read about. anyone suggest good surgeons to use

  6. Well, i am from the netherlands, and a few yrs ago my sister payed here in this country $ 3000,- for a breast implant going from cupsize B to D.
    Well, i have a gf now in Philippines who really likes bigger breasts, she now have cupsize A and she wants to have a C, BUT…..i’m searching for breastimplants in Philippines, and even they say they are so cheap, it’s really not, i pay the same as here, and some of them charge even more??? So…i guess i can better wait a good offer here in my country than let her do it in Philippines, because i’m sure it’s gonna be better and cheaper. I’m sure in Philippines they can easily do it for $ 1000,-, but they take advantage of it, so they just think they gonna make an easy $ 2000,- extra profit, well, maybe some foolish foreigners fall for that, but i for sure will not….

  7. Anyone knows cheaper but ligitimate gynecomastia surgery in the Philippines my budget 100k and below only. Lypo plus excision. Thank you.

  8. Hi ms. Agnes thank you so much for this post. Tho this is not updated and few people here leave their comments, maybe I can still state my opinion. 🙂 Even though we knew that here in the philippines plastic surgery is consider as taboo. But not in all cause bcause their is what they call medical cosmetic surgery. My sister was a cancer survivor and she’s only 22 years old very young age to lose her left breast. She saw this Motiva Ad in instagram and she was very please to undergo breast augmentation by this year (december). Her doctor recommend this implant to her. If your interested to do reconstructive breast surgery you can check their website for information. ( Thank you!

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