DOT Announces Tambuli Beach Resort’s Closure

The Department of Tourism (DOT)  Central Visayas recently announced the closure of one of Cebu’s famous beach resorts, the Tambuli West Hotel and Restaurant.  The beach resort will officially stop their business operation on April 16, 2012.

According to Tambuli’s management, their main reason of shutting down the business is due to the increase of competing beach resorts surrounding Lapu-lapu and Mactan area.  The establishment can’t cope up anymore with the high operational costs due to the inconsistency of the number of their guests.

Below is a screenshot displaying the full details of DOT’s announcement.

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3 thoughts on “DOT Announces Tambuli Beach Resort’s Closure

  1. I have fond memories of Tambuli. We first stayed there in 2004 but even back then it was in need of refurbishment. It was full, as was the Cebu Beach Club next door, owned by the same management. The TV’s in the rooms were ancient and reception poor. The showers and bathrooms needed a deep cleaning, regrouting , and power showers, not the trickle from corroding pipes. Having said that, the gardens and grounds were bright, colourful and well tended. The staff were top notch and the food was good. The owners were looking for a buyer, we learned.
    In 2006 the same owners were there but there were less staff and less guests. No refurbishment had happened.
    2008 it was even worse but the friends we made on the staff were still there.
    2011 and it was almost empty of guests because rooms were no longer fit for purpose. The Beach Club next door was worse. The thatched roofs had fallen in on the guest chalets and it was closed except for its conference room.
    It looked like the end was in sight.
    This was a once good hotel that suffered from poor management and a lack of investment, not high running costs.
    Very sad for our friends on the staff.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for the posts. Just wondering if you know the owner’s name of the resort?

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