Top 6 Money Saving Tips You Should Try

This is a guest post by Rick Murphy, a finance expert writer.

If you are frantically looking for money saving ideas on Google and reading this article intently, this means finally realization has dawn on you and you are planning to create a strong savings plan. No matter why you like to save, for an emergency requirement or for a lavish holiday or for debt help, a strong saving certainly will help you restore your peace of mind and make you feel relieved. If you are looking for some easy ways of cutting your cost, the following points can help you out. Save more and ensure your financial freedom in the best possible way.

Save on grocery

You can save a lot, provided you start planning your meals for a week, beforehand. Start shopping in bulk and store stuffs in order to avoid wastage.  Most of the grocery stores distribute weekly fliers, which clearly show the sale items and special items for the week. You can arrange for your family meal quite easily with least cost, by taking advantage of these discounted goods. Be methodical and disciplined and save thousands on your yearly grocery expenses.

Beauty schools

If you are passionate about latest hairstyles and invest a lot to get your hair trimmed and stylized from a fancy salon and grooming services, then bills must burning a hole in your pocket. In order to reduce these unnecessary expenses, discard those expensive salons and start going to a beauty school.  Beauty schools generally charge much lower rates for their services and offer quality service to the customers. Only the experienced students about to finish their degree course are allowed to serve the customers. These kids provide services like a professional but charge almost half of a professional’s fees.

Save the spare changes

In most cases, people just ignore the value of spared changes and keep them here and there casually. However, if you are a little organized and save those changes in a change jar, it can add value to your savings. Wait for at least six months and once the jar is filled, trade the coins in for cash. Make sure you save these amounts for a secure future.


Instead of wasting money on buying clothes from shopping mall or branded store, start visiting the consignment stores near to your locality. Consignment stores usually contain used clothes. Thanks to the consignment shops you can now wear clothes of  renowned designers and at the same time save up to 80 percent on your clothing budget.


As soon as you get away with the addiction of drinking coffee or soda, you will be able to save both your health and money. Rather consider buying water filter, which is worth paying for.

Utility bills

If you use a thermostat, make sure you buy a programmable thermostat, which has the flexibility of regulating the temperature of your home time to time. By switching it on and off at the specific time, you can minimize the expense that you incur by leaving the thermostat on all day. Using this system will help you save more on your utility bills and energy bills.

Keep the aforementioned points in mind and save more to secure a better financial future.

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