Kawasaki Roadgasmic Party for Cebuano Bikers

Cebuano Bikers partied the night away when Kawasaki Philippines held a Back to the ‘80s party last July 01, 2011 at the famous Club Vudu.  It was tagged as The Kawasaki Leisure Bikes’ Roadgasmic Bikers’ Party 2011.  They were entertained by hot girls and big beastly bikes from Kawasaki’s Leisure Bikes series – all geared up to traverse Cebu’s streets.

Kawasaki Philippines treated the rugged Cebuano Bikers to a night where they ride back to the ‘80s – the classic time when big hair, shoulder pads, off-shoulder sweaters, and ripped jeans were seen all over the busy streets .

Among Cebu City’s most important people who joined the roadgasmic party is Mr. Andrei Ursal, owner of DREI Bikes, and known bike dealers, Emcor and Gud Moto Trading.

It was also the night wherein a pack of wild, beastly, mean machines were introduced to Cebu’s toughest road rangers.

The KSR-110, the Ninja 250R and Ninja 650, the Vulcan 900, and the Ninja ZX-10R composed the Kawasaki’s Leisure Bikes’ series. The Ninja ZX-10R is the biggest of them all and the newest addition to Kawasaki’s vicious line of beasts. It sports the a 1000cc engine displacement, and was carefully designed and conceptualized by brilliant Kawasaki Engineers.

Photo Credit: Michael Sinjin Pineda of www.libotero.com

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