Scarcity of Cebuano Political Bloggers

Though blogging has already made a significant mark here in Cebu, there are still some niches that Cebuano bloggers haven’t explored yet.  One of this niches is political blogging.

In my estimate, there are already hundreds of bloggers all over Cebu but the ones who focus on political writing can only be counted by my fingers.  Most Cebuano bloggers are focused on writing about events, businesses, foods, travels, lifestyle & leisures and the likes.  It seems like Cebuanos are not that interested in blogging about local politics.  Is it because of our laid back lifestyle or it’s just that most of us are not inclined to politics?

The Filipino Blogosphere: Political Expression, Communication, and Participation after the forum photo

Last 5th of March, Miss Mary Grace P. Mirandilla-Santos, a researcher from SIRCA (Strengthening ICTD Research Capacity in Asia) shared the result of her research and study about the A-List Filipino Political Bloggers and their Readers in a 3-hour forum attended by local media and members of Cebu Bloggers’ Society, Inc..  Her study reveals that Filipino Political bloggers are mostly males with ages ranging from 25 to 34 y/o, based in Metro Manila, college educated, employed with high income, veteran internet users, and have broadband internet connection both at home and at work.  These findings show that political blogging is not rampant here in Cebu or in any other parts of the Philippines.

Political blogging may not be rampant here in Cebu but we do have significant and extremely influential political bloggers here.  They are Mr. Jerry Gervacio of Ambot Lang and Kevin Ray Chua of Mar Roxas for 2010.  I know them personally because they are my colleagues in CBSi, an organization of premier bloggers all over Cebu.  Sir Jerry’s and Kevin’s blogs can become a blueprint or inspiration for all Cebuanos who are planning to start a political blog.

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4 thoughts on “Scarcity of Cebuano Political Bloggers

  1. wondered about this, too. i think it has to do with the culture. from my personal observation, people in manila are generally more political.

  2. Hi. I just happen to stumble upon this blog. Regarding the entry, well, here’s my two cents. This truth is not surprising at all. If you’re a budding blogger who wants nothing but moolahs, well, you might try out making blogs for Pinoy showbiz or those with ‘mature content’. It is very rare for people to find politics interesting because of the attached dark notions about it, of course.

    I myself have been blogging about politics and current events for a couple of years now; I believe there’s this challenge for us. Politics is not at all times bad. It depends on whose hands grip the reins. Let us help our fellowmen understand this concept by patronizing and sharing our ideals to the people. These are the kinds of things that should be brought to the limelight for it affects every single Filipino.

  3. You give me some serious thinking after reading your blog’s title (title pa gani). Why not? Now, nga hapit na pud ang election, I’ll try to conjure a few. It would be fun!


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