La Maison, not for true-blue Pinoy

It was way back 2007 that I first went to this European resto with my colleagues.  We were actually with our Swedish boss that’s why we got no other choice, but to eat there.  I rarely go to this type of restaurant because I have limited budget, and also, I really find it impractical to spend my hard earned money to expensive foods.  I prefer to eat in carenderia (small local food stores) and pungko-pungko (street foods stored in carts or put up on small tables).

Honestly, I never learned to love eating European foods except pizza.  My first time eating a roasted lamb made me feel like I wanted to puke everything that I swallowed.  The smell really made me feel nauseated and I swore that I will never eat a roasted lamb again.  This may sound ridiculous to those people who are into European dishes, but may be, my taste buds are just so “Pinoy”.

It was last week of May this year that I had the opportunity of going back there again, since CBS had a small conference with Yehey.  The restaurant is now located at The Terraces inside Ayala Mall.  I noticed that its whole ambiance was changed and it’s more spacious than before.  Along with other CBS members, the Yehey team introduced us to its co-owner.  La Maison is teaming up with Yehey for their restaurant’s promotional campaign.

Among the courses on the menu that they served and that I could still remember were barkada ribs, classic gourmet platter, tostitos and seafood marinara.  There’s also a pizza, but I can’t remember what’s the flavor.  All the foods mentioned above didn’t make any impressions to me except the barkada ribs.  But still, while I was eating, I can’t help but compared it to Golden Cowrie’s.   Same with their tostitos that resembled Moon Cafe’s quesadillas, but can’t even be compared to its succulent taste and flavor.  And also, the fish fillet in their classic gourmet platter has this somewhat “non-salty” taste which definitely disappointed my very Pinoy taste buds.

And as for the quality of their service, I can’t really tell because it’s obvious that they were treating us well since we were there to criticize and blog about their place.  All in all, La Maison is an ideal restaurant for those people who loves and appreciates European dishes.  I won’t recommend it for true-blue pinoys like me whose taste buds are loyal to salty foods.

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5 thoughts on “La Maison, not for true-blue Pinoy

  1. awwssttt… nevertheless, it’s great for you CBS guys…;) But i agree, Filipinos don’t like bland tasting food..

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